Masterchef winner went to therapy for 4 years to come to terms with herself

How important is it to accept? who are we, that we are all different and that makes us special. “How could I not talk about this big part that I have in me. It’s like accepting these roots that I have taken so deep root that they are precious and that scared me before they were different. And also a message to my dad telling him that no matter where you live, belonging to something has to be in you“, he let go. Mary Lo with impressive security in front of the judges. Throughout the tenth edition of talent, María explained how their father had taken them away from Chinese culture as much as possible since he too, in part, escaped him. Something you did for protect her daughters so that they do not feel marked in a sometimes very cruel world. However, all that María Lo feels towards this culture is Pride, his father was a fundamental part of his life and the figure that instilled in him his passion for cooking. “For me, being able to present this dessert with these aromas, these oriental flavors and dedicating it to my father is something brutal. In the end, I’m a carbon copy of my dad and this is a golden opportunity for my dad to freak out. He will cry for at least a week.

“But as he speaks well, what a perfect girl I have”, said the mother of María Lo of the gallery accompanied by Teresa. Every image, every memory of her father has been a source of inspiration and a great boost for María Lo when it comes to continuing the program. Pepe Rodríguez invited him in the last evaluation of Master Chief 10 to reinforce all this knowledge, this wisdom, that her father left in her. That the flavors of Cadiz were already floating inside Maria, but that the whole Chinese universe is an endless gastronomy that has no limits. “You abused Cadiz so much that I wish you abused China more. Yes, get rid of that fear with China that has grabbed you for so long because Mr. Lo always wanted the absolute tenth for his daughter. I wish I had seen you walk through that door and tell him sir, what an amazing daughter you have. The fusion of East and West is wonderful. You fuse it together with a taste of milk so proudly show your roots.

Maria Lo became the Competitor of this edition with the largest number of followers on social networks. Part of its success lies in the natural with which he recounts his experiences and how the public felt identified with him. María is not afraid of anything and at the same time she knows that she helps many groups. Mary is talent, diversity and authenticity. And that’s how he gave us his heart in one of his Instagram posts. “The María before was shy and insecure, I remember before my main concern was to please everyone, to make everyone feel comfortable and proud of me for doing the things like I thought they expected of me (not like maybe I wanted to do theirs) And so I carried myself to the age of 28, on autopilot to be loved and forgotten who I was and what I really wanted.” In the semi-finals, María already explained that she felt that Patricia was in the same cycle of terror that she had been through. This lack of trust was what completely destroyed the applicant. “That’s exactly what got me through a very difficult stage at 27. I realized the loss of identity I had. I had spent most of my life making decisions that, although I wouldn’t call them bad (because you learn from all of this and thanks to each one of them I am now here and I am who I am) they were painful”

Now the María Lo from the MasterChef 10 finale is looking at the María from the beginning to give her a Big hug and tell him everything will be fine. It’s amazing the personal development that Maria has been experiencing since she entered the kitchens. And, even more with this entry in style shouting to the world that it was lesbian and he had one couple i loved. But, to get to this point, the road was not easy. It was a path full of courageous decisions to finally shine as he deserves. “As of today, i feel very proud who started therapy 4 years ago. A path that I am telling you about is not easy, because it asks you to open up and face your greatest fears, stop running away or fight them and learn to embrace them with love. If someone had told me four years ago that today I would dedicate myself to my passion, that I am in a relationship in which I feel able to communicate without fear and I feel safe being 100% me, and even that I dared to be in a TV show in which I showed myself in front of the whole world, without filters, and doing what I love the most, I would think: No kidding, this is not is not me. But with work and effort, I think you can get anywhere. For me, the most important and beautiful decision of my life”

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