‘MasterChef 10’ Audience Apparently Says Enough With Contestant In Its Finale: ‘Unfortunate’

Audiences of ‘MasterChef 10’ slammed Adrián for possible victimization during TVE’s Culinary Talent grand finale.

Adrián was one of the four finalists who contested the Grand finale of ‘Master Chief 10‘. But far from standing out for his high level in the kitchens of the TVE program, given that he was the fourth finalist, he was the protagonist due to the criticism he received from the public. Spectators of the cooking talent of AND P They pointed to him on social networks as a “victimist” for reporting his time in prison for the umpteenth time.

On this occasion, the applicant revealed the reason for which he found himself in prison. “The fights I had were because I needed to vent from home. I was in a pickle. A fight got out of control and I fought back. I gave him a series of injuries, I had no money to pay for them. They put me in prison for three months. I had a terrible time, I saw myself alone there. It’s a step that I don’t wish on my worst enemy”, he explained during the final of the La 1 competition.

But not only that, but adrian Throughout his career in “MasterChef 10”, he also recounted the death of his father in a traffic accident. It is these two traumatic stories that the candidate releases gala after gala. Indeed, he not only detailed these experiences that marked his life to the members of the jury and the rest of the candidates, but also to the guest chefs who attended the show.

Massive criticism of the candidate

Adrian MasterChef
Adrián, fourth finalist of the tenth edition of ‘MasterChef’

Taking advantage of the celebration of the final of the tenth edition of the TVE competition, the candidate of ‘MasterChef 10’ once again recalled his testimony. Not only did he do it once, but throughout the show he remembered it several times, something that bored the public, who ended up accusing him and even ironic about his situation.

“Adrián reminds us of his drama, lest someone hasn’t heard him in each of the thirteen programs,” one ‘MasterChef’ viewer complained via his social media. But he was not the only one, quipped another viewer: “I don’t know yet if Adrián went to jail or not. I think I should say it again.” And these are just some of the examples of Adrián’s relentless criticism for his victimization in the final.

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