‘Master Chief 10’ | Adrián’s repetitive drama and the fun memes the finale left behind

From the first day you walked in Master Chief 10, Adrián has repeatedly recounted his time in prison a few years ago. The wannabe, or series crew, told this story throughout the series and the series finale. Master Chief 10 it was not going to be less. The candidate who takes fourth place in this new edition of the culinary competition has received criticism from viewers on social networks, even Twitter users have called the young man a “victimist”.

Adrián, a 28-year-old from Bilbao, entered Chef in order to leave his past behind him, to raise awareness by making his own experience public and to change his life thanks to the visibility that the program gives him. In the first broadcast, the young man revealed that after the death of his father, he lived through a very difficult personal stage. Also, to vent about what was going on at home, he fought outside the house.

The applicant for Chef He also said that one of those fights got out of control and he fought back. “I had a series of injuries, I had no money to pay for them. They put me in prison for three months. I had a terrible time, I saw myself alone there. It’s a stage that I don’t even wish on my worst enemy, ”explained the young man in the first program of this edition.

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Chef it’s a show where if a person has personal drama or has an unusual ability, it’s very important to them. The perfect example to illustrate this is the case of rapper Arkano in the latest edition of Celebrity MasterChef. The young man only went out to do rap improvisations and with each intervention he had he was asked to do the same. It ended up annoying viewers, and the public constantly commented on the situation on social media.

'Masterchef 10': Double captaincy overwhelms Adrián

‘Masterchef 10’: Double captaincy overwhelms Adrián


Adrián tells his story in the final and spectators accuse him of ‘victimism’

In Adrián’s case, the drama of prison and the death of his father in a traffic accident has been one of the most recurring themes whenever the Basque has appeared on the show. The young man had to explain what he experienced first to his colleagues, then to the chefs invited throughout the program and finally, to the chefs who are the protagonists of the challenges of the grand finale.

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In the final of the tenth edition of the culinary competition, the candidates took an outdoor test at El Celler De Can Roca under the supervision of the Roca brothers. Adrián spoke about this cuisine again in front of the successful chefs of his personal life on several occasions. This recurring theme did not please part of the public and some viewers made fun of the fact that the fourth finalist of this edition would tell his story.

However, Adrián was not the only candidate to be criticized on social media for being repetitive when exposing his past. Viewers also complained about David. The applicant for Chefranked third in this edition, repeatedly exposed the problem he had with addictions and in the final he also did the same.

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