Manu Molina is already in Zaragoza to sign for the Aragonese club

Manu Molina He is already a Real Zaragoza player. This Monday he arrived in the Aragonese capital and a few hours later he put his signature. After passing the mandatory medical examination, the midfielder from Huelva signed up for two seasons. This is the fourth signing after Giuliano Simoene, Mollejo and goalkeeper Rebollo. He arrives with the letter of freedom after completing his contract in Ibiza on the 30th June and not renewed. Molina will start working with his new colleagues this Wednesday in the Aragonese capital, after the absence of Juan Carlos Carcedo due to a heart problem caused the suspension of Boltaña concentrations.

Manu Molina has been an option since arrival at the bench of Carcedo, in interest counted by this newspaper on June 22, but the club also worked on the way of the Colombian Daniel Ruiz, coming from the Millonarios of Bogotá, a transfer finally rejected by the Colombian club of which Gustavo Serpa, director of Zaragoza, is the maximum shareholder.

Manu Molina is an express request from Carcedo, with whom he has agreed and was fixed in Ibiza, tanto en el año del ascenso a Segunda como en las 21 journadas en la categoría de plata del técnico riojano, y ha descartado ofertas de Oviedo, Huesca, Leganés o Andorra, esperando la opción del Zaragoza que se plantó de manera formal hace unos diez days. come give more ability to creategame and last pass in the spinal cord, although he is also a player with deployment in the middle.

Manu Molina trained at Recreativo de Huelva’s youth academy but at a young age he was signed by Espanyol. There his progress was magnificent and in 2010 not only did he make the pre-season with the first team, but Mauricio Pochettino made his first division debut. He played seven games in the highest category and the following summer he arrived in Aragon, in the ranks of Huesca, on loan.

In second, he ended up blowing himself a hole and playing 23 league games. However, he had to step back and play second B with the Valencia branch for the next two years, until he returned to Recreativo de Huelva to play second and, again, second B after the dean’s decline. Later, Molina even went through the third division in the ranks of the Deportivo subsidiary. Lleida, Salamanca and Balompédica Linense were his next second B clubs until joining Ibiza in 2020, along with Carcedo, to promote the team to second and become a fixture this season.

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