Hyundai N Vision 74, the hybrid prototype without polluting emissions

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Hyundai has unveiled the N Vision 74 prototype, a sports car that stands out for its curious hybrid mechanics without polluting emissions. What is this proposal?

Hyundai is one of the manufacturers that has most opted for the use of alternatives to diesel petrol options. In this sense, in the range of the Korean firm we can find hybrid, plug-in hybrid and purely electric proposals. What we had not seen until now was the presence of hybrid mechanics that combined the hydrogen fuel cell with the presence of conventional batteries. The result? The incredible Hyundai N Vision 74.

This prototype, which will not reach dealerships, it will be used to explore new forms of mobility and, above all, those that one might think of dynamism. This curious hybrid stands out, mainly, for the presence of an image that directly recalls the historic Pony Coupé Concept of 1974. On this occasion, however, a body widened to 2 meters and lengthened to almost 5 meters was used. . In relation to its height, it is set at a maximum of 1.3 meters.

Let’s see, however, why the mechanical aspect is what most attracts the attention of this particular hybrid model. This is a very interesting proposition to understand how far does the hydrogen fuel cell go can have a great future when it comes to creating a sports car in the future. On this occasion we are faced with a model capable of developing a total power of 680 CV thanks to the combined mechanics.

Hyundai N Vision 74, the hybrid commitment to the N touch of the sports division

Is the electric market doomed to make powerful mechanics disappear? The lack of autonomy is its main problem, but a combination of the hydrogen fuel cell, associated with the presence of a conventional battery, means that autonomy is no longer an issue. At Hyundai, according to information from Techspot, ensure that this prototype can travel, in one go, a total of 600 kilometers. Undoubtedly, the identity sign of the vehicle in question the presence of hydrogen technology.

The hydrogen fuel cell is combined with a 4.2 kilogram tank, which makes it easier to lighten the entire vehicle. Regarding batteries, these have a total capacity of 62.4 kWh. They work together to meet the needs of an average user of this type of vehicle. Nevertheless, the main quality of this model is the loading time. While the battery option requires considerable charging time, as we know, refueling with hydrogen guarantees great autonomy in just 5 minutes.

This retro-style hybrid car runs on electricity and hydrogen and is Hyundai's new bet

The Hyundai N Vision 74 stands out with its hybrid mechanics Neomotor

One of the great qualities of this particular model is that it has been able to adapt the bodywork to current times without losing the essence of the original model. For this reason, we are faced with a prototype that is framed in the retro segment. It is expected that it can serve as a claim to underline Hyundai’s closeness to mechanics with a sportier touch. N versions of its hybrid and electric range are expected to appear at some point.

It is important to specify that we are dealing with a model with a total power of 500 kW (680 hp), which is distributed over 2 motors located on the rear wheels. This could mark a preview of what could happen to the South Korean firm’s sports lineup in the future. The N Vision 74 has a top speed electronically limited to 250 km/h. The company should continue to tap into its dynamic qualities with the aim of creating a product that serves to extract synergies to be applied to other models.

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