How much do FC Barcelona and Real Madrid earn for the American tour?

07/19/2022 at 12:43


The Barca club will collect around 10 million euros, while Madrid expect to collect between 12 and 15 ‘kilos’

The white team will play three games (against América, Barça and Juventus), while the Barcelona club will play four

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona begin their North American tour. “Forgotten” the COVID era, the two giants of Spanish football return on lavish tours to expand their brand and earn a healthy sprinkling of cash. Barça will play four friendlies in the United States: Inter Miami, Real Madrid, Juventus and New York Redbulls. For its part, the white club will face Barça, Club América and Juventus.

Frantic days with multiple publicity events and marketing actions. In the case of Real Madrid, according to ‘Diario As’, the entity chaired by Florentino Pérez intends to raise between 12 and 15 million euros. The “soccer” has developed enormously in the North American country and there are countless investors who bet on European clubs and pour a lot of money into this sport. AEG has made a strong commitment this summer to the “Soccer Champions Tour”, in which Barça, Madrid and Juventus, the three “survivors” of the Super League, participate.


For his part, as ‘TV3’ recently reported, Barca expect to enter almost 10 million euros for these less than two weeks that he will spend in ‘yankee’ territory. The ‘Clásico’ of 23 is the greatest representative and media claim of all this ‘monster’ they have created.

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