Hive lands in Spain with an end-to-end model aimed at native digital brands – El Mercantil

German startup Hive lands in Spain with an end-to-end model aimed at native digital brands. “Our vision is to democratize high-quality logistics processes with cutting-edge technology behind all brands, regardless of their size,” summarizes Hive’s managing director in Spain, Rodolfo Vélez. From its distribution centers across Europe, Hive prepares orders and makes deliveries anywhere on the continent in less than 72 hours. To do this, it has designed software that integrates with companies’ e-commerce platforms in 15 minutes and allows its customers to manage their freight, have real-time tracking of their shipments and generate shipping labels. return from its technological platform. “Our mission is to be the operational brain of the brands we work with,” adds Rodolfo Vélez.

Hive does not rule out expanding its Madrid warehouse, moving to another with more capacity or opening a second one

In the case of Spain, Hive has a first distribution center in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), although they do not rule out expanding it, migrating its activity to larger infrastructures or add a second center based on demand. “Being in Madrid allows us to better cover Spain and also Portugal”, specifies the managing director of the company in Spain. Initially, the startup also valued Barcelona as a center of operations: “Barcelona is clearly better located for orders to Europe, he explains, but since we are already present in Paris, Milan and Berlin, it seemed more strategic to position ourselves in Madrid”. Likewise, the company sees as an option to continue its expansion in Spain through the Catalan capital with the opening of a second warehouse. In addition to the standard end-to-end model, Hive offers the Pan-EU service to automatically redistribute its customers’ stock between its distribution centers across Europe. “What this pan-European service allows brands to do is redistribute automatically with our own predictions of their stock level and they absolutely don’t care about breaking the stock of a reference in a specific country,” reveals Rodolfo Vélez.

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