Follow the tension between the rep and Michael Schumacher’s family

07/19/2022 at 1:49 PM


Willi Weber, historical agent of the German Formula 1 legend, points out that Schumacher’s family “only tell lies”

“They kept me away while telling me it was too soon, and now it’s too late. Maybe they should just tell it like it is,” he said. he declares.

Follow the tension between Willi Weber, Michael Schumacher’s agent throughout his career, and the German driver’s family of Formula 1 as nine years have passed since his tragic accident.

In statements to ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ on the occasion of the presentation of his book “L’essence dans le sang. Michel Schumacher”, Weber strongly blamed ‘Mick’s’ family: “It’s a huge pain for me. I’ve wanted to contact Corinna hundreds of times and she’s not getting back to me. I called Jean Todt to ask her if I should go to the hospital to visit Michael and she told me to wait because it was too soon. I called the next day and no one answered. I did not expect such behavior and I am still angry.”

I can understand the situation in the first days after the accidentsince I have always done everything humanly possible to protect Michael’s privacy, but Since then I have only heard lies from his family. Years after the accident, I told myself that I would just take care of my family and that I couldn’t change things. Michael was like a son to me. Even today it pains me to talk about it,” said Weber, who just turned 80.

They kept me away telling me it was too soon, and now it’s too late. Nine years have passed. Maybe they should tell it like it is“commented a still injured Weber.

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