FC Barcelona Transfers | The solution to the Umtiti affair could come from Turkey!

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Two clubs tested the centre-back, but he never wanted to go to Turkish football

Barca and the player refused to test certain teams

Samuel Umtiti had decided to leave Barça this summer when Xavi Hernández informed him that he was not going to count on him. The French central defender finally understood that his sporting career had to continue outside the Blaugrana club but his intention was always to seek a loan to upgrade himself.. Barca gave him complete freedom to find a team with the aim of salvaging his entire record. They would rather give him the letter of freedom, but today they are satisfied that he is leaving without enforcing a breach of contract.

And the main problem is that he hasn’t found a destination yet. Some clubs had even asked to have him tested to check his physical conditionsomething neither Barca nor the centre-back are going to go through.

Umtiti tried to reopen the options from last summer and then focused on the French championship. So far, nothing has materialized and it looks like the only options he would have on the table are Turkish football, a destination Umtiti never wanted to go.. Barca are pushing for him to negotiate his exit there or a drastic decision will be made, but for now they have time to put things right.

There are two Turkish teams who tested him and he will have to make a decision because they could pay a significant part of his record and Barça are interested in the subject. July is coming to an end and the solution must be found.

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