Ethiopian Gebreslase wins world marathon with championship record

Ethiopia’s Gotytom Gebreslase attacked after mile 40 to win the Eugene World Athletics Championships marathon on Monday with a record of 2:18:11, a competition record.

A day after fellow countryman Tamirat Tola won the men’s marathon, Gebreslase wins ahead of Kenyan Judith Korir (2h18:20)the Israeli Lonah Salpeter (2h 20:18), the Eritrean Nazret Weldu (2h20:29) and the estadounidense Sara Hall (2h22:10)

Before the 10-minute race, the Kenyans, Ethiopians, Salpeter and Weldu marked their territory. They went ahead and passed kilometer five at 16:10 minutes.

In peace, the group of eight covered less than 3 minutes 20 per kilometer and passed the game of 10s in 32:39.

It was at kilometer 18 that the fate of the race began to take shape, with attacks by the Ethiopians Ababel Yeshaneh and Gotytom Gebreslase to which only the Kenyans Judith Korir and Angela Tanui responded. Among those who remained, the Kenyan Ruth Chepngetich, defending champion, who He withdrew due to stomach problems.

Kenya's Judith Jeptum and Angela Tanui alongside Ethiopia's Ababel Yeshaneh and Gotytom Gebreslase in the Women's World Marathon.
Kenya’s Judith Jeptum and Angela Tanui alongside Ethiopia’s Ababel Yeshaneh and Gotytom Gebreslase in the Women’s World Marathon.
Aleksandra Szmigiel

Halfway through the course, passed in 1h09:01, Tanui was four seconds behindbut took a second wind and returned to the top group to reframe the dispute between Ethiopia and Kenya.

Korir gave a jolt at the limit of kilometer 25, which they passed in 1h22:04; received a response and again the members of the quartet they were forced to tolerate each other and run together.

Before km 26 Tanui remained and shortly after it was Yeshaneh who signed the surrender.

After the hour and a half, Korir and Gebreslase they increased the speed to three minutes per kilometer and they were alone in front. The Kenyan invited her rival to come forward, but the Ethiopian refused any collaboration.

Mexican Citlali Moscote was ranked best Latina.
Mexican Citlali Moscote was ranked best Latina.
Mike Fresh

Before reaching 35 Yeshaneh was adopted by Salpelter and Weldunow candidates for the bronze medal.

Korir and Gebreslase continued in the same, the Kenyan ahead, resigned to doing the job of attrition. They passed kilometer 40 at 2h 11:17next to each other, but a minute and a half later the Ethiopian attacked and went for the gold medal.

Mexican Citlali Moscote finished in tenth place with 2:26:33, and was the best Latin American in a test without Spaniards. Mexican Risper Gesabwa, eighteenth at 2:30:47, and Puerto Rican Beverly Ramos, twentieth at 2:31:10, were the others in the top 25 in a test in which the Ecuadorians Andrea Bonilla and Rosa Chacha gave up.

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