David, the finalist without smell because of drugs

David is one of the candidates for this tenth edition of Chef who achieved his dream of reaching the grand final. With Adrián, María Lo and Verónica, will have to put the icing on the cake in the magnificent contest that you have proposed to us. The word defeat is missing. From the first day you walked in, recounted his harsh drug historybut now he is a new man, and he has discovered his passion and talent for cooking.

David, a story of overcoming after his addictions

I have been a person with addictive tendencies for many years, with a very high consumption. Luckily, it’s a step taken, but at worst, my parents loved me more than I loved myself. I am indebted to them.” David confessed when entering the program.

David, MasterChef 10 hope RTVE

suffered intimidation to college

And the truth is that David has been very transparent and open about his past when asked. During one of the outdoor tests, María Lo was shocked when she said he was in pain intimidation at school.

“I remember once the whole school next door wanted to hit me and another where they locked me in the bathroom. Now I look like that, but I haven’t always looked like that,” the contestant said.

David: “I suffered a little bullying at school”

He also clarifies that it was one of the reasons that brought him closer to drugs: “I did things that I shouldn’t have made to play the chulito, to protect me and we are wrong”.

David has lost much of his sense of smell

In the kitchen, it is not only the taste of food that must be taken into account, but also its smell. Taste and smell are nourished to be able to capture the greatest number of sensations during consumption. This is how they explained it to us in show 11, with the test dedicated to Food and wine pairings a new scientific technique that proposes a combination of foods based on aromas.

David, MasterChef 10 hope RTVE

When David discovered that the test would be based on smell, he let out a “Well I’m ready”. And later, when he had to guess which foods are compatible by aroma, he again dropped the fact that he had lost his sensibility: “And me without smell”.

To his own surprise, he was able to figure out both the combination and the proportions of the recipe and was saved from deportation.

His family, his great support

David was inspired by affection and love for his family to keep fighting in Chef, especially in his father and his 6-year-old son Leo. They surprised her on set, and we were all moved to see her family embrace.

My son was my great teacher. He taught me that you have to live in the present, that you have to have enthusiasm, that you have to love yourself, that you have to love others… He taught me that unconditional love exists, he never judged mehe says visibly excited.

The moving words of David’s father to his son

He also praised his father, who has always accompanied him, and can finally say that he is proud of his son: “My father suffers from pancreatic cancer which has no solution. The strength with which he faces this disease teaches me a lot because he is a true warrior.

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