Creative BT-W4, an all-in-one bluetooth connector that simplifies your life (and quality)

Creative launched on the market a few weeks ago BT-W4and transmitter of bluetooth audio which comes to be used as an all-in-one for video game players, as it seeks to unify the headphones in this small room, improving the sound, the connection and making it easier to connect and disconnect things every two times three , which with so many devices that we already know how it goes. It’s basically like a dongle in which you connect via bluetooth 5.2 (superior to what some current platforms have) and you forget to constantly change the link. We tested it and it is very interesting.

Surely the first thing one might ask is why would we want a Bluetooth receiver if we already have that in mind? computeron consoles PlayStation and even if not so long ago, in nintendo switch. It may seem like a whim, but the truth is that we also thought so when we were offered to analyze it and over time, simply and simply, we centralized our main hulls al BT-W4.

Creative BT-W4, an all-in-one bluetooth connector that simplifies your life (and quality)
The transmitter and the microphone. You don’t need more.

What did we find in terms of operation that convinced us in terms of the concept? Mainly on reliability. Bluetooth 5.2 offers a seamless link, with a significantly higher range of action than we have on the PC or on the Switch itself, and without interruptions. If you’ve seen us at the Tavern, one of the helmets we use the most is the awesome Bang & Ofulsen for Xbox and for PC. With them we have a constant battle with the PC every time we want to connect them, and more than once we had a sound interruption. It just doesn’t happen with this connector. And while that happens with headphones, it can be extended to controls and other devices that use Bluetooth. 5.2 is guaranteed.

It is not the first transmitter that is used for this and it will not be the last, but it is true that in terms of performance and response we are facing a very good product. 24-bit/48kHz high-definition audio with adaptive aptX codec which automatically adjusts the bit rate, in high quality and without interruptions, drops or anything like that: stable (and high level) sound is maintained without any problems. We were surprised at how well the sound works without clipping.

The transmitter allows you to connect four devices at the same time, thus facilitating what we mentioned at the beginning of the links on PC and consoles, and brings with it a small wireless microphone designed for consoles and to improve voice chat. This connects directly to the DualSense, for example, and enhances our functionality on top of the controller’s native voice capture.

Creative BT-W4, an all-in-one bluetooth connector that simplifies your life (and quality)
The microphone to improve the quality of our voice in case we do not have our hands free.

We’re not facing anything groundbreaking or high quality in our voice output, but it’s worth chatting with friends or in Discord for something that just works without a hitch. Naturally, it has a hands-free mode if the helmets allow it.


A Bluetooth transmitter is algo que no nos habrĂ­amos plantado comprar para nuestro dia a dia en videojuegos porque nuestro PC, Switch y PS5 ya cuentan con ello de alguna u otra forma, pero el dia a dia con este BT-W4 nos ha sorprendido para good. Problems with reconnecting devices have been eliminated, interruptions and interference have been reduced to zero and sound quality has benefited (although it is true that the adoption of the aptX Adaptive codec, which is the most optimal, is still weak). It solves many of the little hiccups that come with wireless connections, and that’s a lot, although a full connection adding Xbox would have been perfect (but that’s no longer Creative, but Microsoft consoles).

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