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of one of his most successful Turkish soap operas, “Tierra amarga”. Titled in Turkey as “Bir Zamanlar Çukurova”, the production enchants audiences in Spain with its story of love, revenge and secrets, as well as its talented cast led by actors such as .

Thus, from July 18 to 22, we will see new revelations in the lives of our protagonists, such as the trap in which they fall Fikretthe reconciliation the happy news of Zuleyha and the accident that will make his happiness disappear.

Then, in the following lines, know 5 things that will happen in “Tierra amarga” from From Monday 18 to Friday 22 Julythrough Antenna 3 in Spain.


1. Fikret falls into a trap

After The iron will shoot Fekeli in public, just for refusing to apologize, Fikret will show that he is very angry and will have to Hope blame him for this misfortune.

Thus, the young man will decide to go to the manor of the Yemen in search of revenge. However, he discovers that it was all just a plan by his uncle and half-brother to get him out of his lair. So the husband of Zuleyha will try to speak, but Fikret will refuse to do so.

Fikret falls into a trap (Photo: Tims & B Productions)
Fikret falls into a trap (Photo: Tims & B Productions)

2. Reconciliation between Sevda and Ümit

On the other hand, we will see how love and hope they reconcile after the doctor refuses to speak to his mother. It comes after the woman appeared in her home with a gun and threatened to kill herself if not listened to.

Hope accept, listen and discover that to like he really always loved her. After this discovery, he decides to reconcile with her and give her a hug that his mother had been waiting for for a long time.

Nazan Kesal as Sevda's
Nazan Kesal as Sevda in ‘Bitter Land’ (Photo: Tims & B Productions)

3. Züleyha’s third embarazo

Zuleyhameanwhile, is starting to have some pregnancy symptoms. sermine he notices it and lets her know. However, the young woman refuses; but then agrees to go to the doctor to find out if, in fact, she is pregnant with her third baby.

Without his wife telling him, The iron He discovers this situation by his cousin. From then on, when meeting her beloved, she confirms her suspicions, they laugh at the indiscretion of sermine and they are quite happy with the possible arrival of a new member in their home.

Züleyha's third pregnancy (Photo: Tims & B Productions)
Züleyha’s third pregnancy (Photo: Tims & B Productions)

4. Hand accident of Züleyha

However, not all is happy in the life of Yemen. As she was about to go to the doctor to confirm the news of her pregnancy, Zuleyha suffers a serious accident after encountering a puddle of oil, losing control of his vehicle and hitting a tree.

Hopewho would face The iron because of his wife’s pregnancy, he finds her injured. The doctor, at the request of the young woman, decides to abandon her to her fate. However, his conscience compels him to rescue her.

In the hospital, it becomes clear that Zuleyha is safe, but the baby could not survive. For The ironit was a blow and it won’t take long for him to seek justice with his own hands.

The Züleyha accident (Photo: Tims & B Productions)
The Züleyha accident (Photo: Tims & B Productions)

5. Fikret is the main suspect in the accident

Finally, after recent conflicts with Yemen, Fekeli he thinks his nephew is responsible for such an accident. Fikret he denies it, but his uncle does not believe him. For this reason, he reported it to the authorities.

A) Yes, The iron he discovers that the boy is the main suspect in this episode. In this way, the man goes to the police station ready for anything, even to kill him. What will happen with this case? We will find out in the following episodes of the soap opera.

Fikret is the main suspect in the accident, after Fekeli reported it to the police.  (Photo: Tim & B Productions)
Fikret is the main suspect in the accident, after Fekeli reported it to the police. (Photo: Tim & B Productions)


Don’t forget you can seebitter earthvia the Antena 3 signal in Spain. According to official information from the network, the airing time is at 5:45 p.m. However, some of the audience claimed that the drama delays its airing until after 6:00 p.m., so we recommend that you take precautions in this regard. .

Also, if you prefer to watch the production in streaming, you can do so from the platform .

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