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The summer offers time to demonstrate through actions that you are ready to take on other responsibilities,” says Jesús Garzas, head of KPMG’s training team, who will step up a notch and become sector manager at that time. “Making this leap is, for example, going from executing a plan that others have launched to defining its strategy. He took an emerging leaders course “in case the opportunity for promotion arises.” Something “for which it is worth staying without a vacation”. “In the best case, it will help me promote myself and in real life, I will get my job back,” he says.

Summer is coming and talents are on the move. Some, like Jesús Garzas, are promoted internally to bosses for a few months while the incumbents rest and others arrive as reinforcements. It is these workers, the replacements, who take command of the workplace in the positions that others leave on vacation. “In the summer, we give the possibility to internal talents to occupy positions of greater responsibility so that they manage this work until the arrival of the responsible person. In turn, these talents will be replaced by other younger professionals,” says Teresa Coelho, partner in charge of personnel at KPMG. And he adds: “It is easier to externally substitute more junior profiles, which require less knowledge and integration time.”

Other companies welcome summer workers who increase their workforce to cover peaks in activity or because their type of activity generates seasonal employment.. The two are lucky because they are the first to use the new conditions it incorporates labor reform (in force since December 31, 2021) and which modify, above all, discontinuous fixed-term contract. A type of hiring that has broken records in June with 16.5% of the total, according to Adecco, and which offers identical conditions for the eventualities of current illness, disability, unemployment or retirement as the CDI and aims to be attractive by offering longer working hours .

“Companies are organizing to offer better conditions to candidates. They do this to opt for a talent that is becoming rare, but also to avoid the additional penalty at the price of 27.53 euros in contracts of less than 30 days, already in force”, indicates Enrique Rodríguez, general manager of Manpower. And it is that with an almost structural gap of 130,000 vacancies on the market, a deep hole in talent and a campaign for which Randstad provides 500,000 hires, the race for summer signings is assured.

key positions

A career that is gaining muscle since companies do not close in August. Only 18% do, according to research by Grant Thornton, so getting talent into key roles is crucial to keeping the business running smoothly. “Positions in telephone switchboards, facing the public, administrative, accounting, commercial, logistics and production plants and all those who have to do with tourism”, explains Alberto Gavilán, director of talents at Adecco. The manager highlights a few qualities for hiring temporary workers: “a great capacity for learning and assimilating the speed of work, curiosity and a good level of production”. “Nothing that is asked of the permanent worker,” he adds.

To ensure a successful match between replacement and employer, Adecco relies on its training for head office staff. “Focused on banking, we create a pool of candidates whom we train beforehand and make available to the sector. It is a good opportunity for young people to have a first experience, which can also open the door to them, during the period of growth of the entity, to a permanent position”. Something that happens in general terms in 20% of temporary jobs, according to Gavilán.

The director of human resources of Leroy Merlin, Eloy del Moral, ensures that “in case of permanent need, the seasonal contract is valued and, depending on his level of performance, he becomes a candidate to be a CDI”. The company hired 3,900 workers for the summer season. And he hopes to reach 5,000 to meet the demand of a consumer who is investing in his home and preparing to face the consequences of the energy crisis next winter.

“Estamos ante una campaña especialmente fuerte porque a gran interés por la mjora de la casa, la revalorización del inmueble y por su su eficiencia energética con la acquisition de ventanas y aislantes adecuados”, continues Celia Cisneros, director of training and talent of the company. The directive highlights the hiring of “positions ranging from specialized storekeepers and salespeople to disposal coordinators, advisers for professional customers and managers commercial teams.

Amazon also uses reinforcement, but in a different way. It has a pool of 1,500 workers with a “periodic but stable” profile for major peaks in activity, such as that which occurred this week with Prime Day (special offers for Amazon Prime customers). Company sources point out that “these workers discontinuous fixed we offer them to come back every year and we give them training to keep abreast of the changes that have occurred during their absence”.

During the effective working period, seasonal Amazon employees have access to benefits such as private health insurance, a pension plan or an employee discount. They can also opt for internal vacancies and functional mobility processes. “Of the 648 people hired in this modality for the center of San Fernando de Henares, more than 47% have been able to evolve within the company.” With the range of possibilities that the new legal framework incorporates, “more and more companies are turning to us for guidance in navigating new contractual models, even beyond identifying profiles for their companies. “, concludes the CEO of Manpower.

Identify executive talent

With the favorable situation in the first months of the year, the arrival of European funds and liquidity on the market, companies have made significant acquisitions of talent, technology, companies and companies, “and now it’s time to digest them, rethink strategies and look for the executives who are leading the cultural transformation that all of this requires to move in the right direction,” says Alberto Terrón, vice president of Kingsley Gate Partners.
It will be a summer to “identify executive talent capable of generating new strategies aligned with embodied technology and realizing new businesses impacted by governance and sustainability”, he emphasizes. According to the study by this consulting firm Transformation and leadership in the new normal, 55% of managers consider a change in leadership necessary for this transformation. Executives must have “strategic vision, communication skills, flexibility, connection with people and credibility to gain buy-in for this change”.

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