Barça tour of the United States | Busquets: “I’m happy, the club made a big effort”

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Barca captain is very happy with the reinforcement of the squad

“Signing Lewandowski means a lot to us,” the midfielder said of the Pole.

Sergio Busquets conducted the singing voice of the press conference prior to Barca open house training session ahead of first pre-season game against Inter Miami. The non-presence of Xavi pushed the captain to show his stripes. He did it to congratulate the club for the effort in signings and to show his enthusiasm for a new season.

“A big effort has been made by the club and very great players have arrived in the offensive and defensive parts. I am very happy that players of this world stature are arriving, like Lewandowski, Raphinha, the renewal of Ousmane… Plus the group we had, with Auba, Ferran… Very happy because in the end football is about goals and that’s the most important thing This year there will be competition and we hope they will finish in the best possible way, competing and winning titles”, began the Badia del Valles player.

De Lewandowski said that “yesterday we saw him for the first time and his signing means a lot, he is a world class strikerHe scores a lot of goals during the season, he is very important and he will give us a lot of hope, a lot of work and we hope to help him adapt as well as possible and as quickly as possible. Let him show what he shows these years.”

Regarding his future replacement, he said that “in the end, we are a team and we have to find many players who can play in different positions. Players like me, it’s impossible, there are not two identical players. Busquets terminates his contract, but says he has nothing planned for tomorrow:It’s my last year on my contract and I’m not ruling anything out.. I focus on fun, competition to the max, competition. At the moment there is nothing and I am only concentrating on the present.

Sergio, who has lived through many pre-seasons, knows that everything is ready in pre-seasons, even if he admits that it is early: “We have only been a few days, but in terms of transfers, we “We haven’t been able to sign much for years because of the situation at the club and that’s much more exciting. It’s time to get in the games and that will determine how the team will go.”

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