Amazon Prime Video is undergoing the biggest overhaul in its history

A very important point of series and film streaming platforms, such as netflix, HBO Max or Disney+ is that its interface is designed correctly; with accessible menus and options, elements that allow you to see relevant content information and an overall clean and intuitive design. This, unfortunately, is not in accordance with the Amazon Prime Video app. At least, until now. The service of the company founded by Jeff Bezos receives, for the first time in years, a new design much more minimalist and, according to the firm itself, “less busy and overwhelming for our clients”.

The new Amazon Prime Video interface, indeed, has been changed from top to bottom. From now on, the menus that allow access to the different sections, such as the store, the free content tab or the account settings, are located on the left side of the screen, whereas in the previous interface they were positioned at the top. However, the way the app displays content on the cover has been changed. With the new look, theThe first line displays the 10 most popular contents.

The new design of Amazon Prime Video also makes it much easier to know if the series, film or documentary is available through the user’s subscription or, on the contrary, if it is necessary to rent it. It’s already something that the old application included, because Amazon, let’s remember, does not offer all the content of its platform for free to users who have a Prime subscription. Now, however, a more visible badge will be displayed each time the user navigates to a title.

The new Prime Video interface is very reminiscent of other streaming services

Amazon also changed the preview that is displayed each time a user navigates between contentNow showing an image of the pre-selected show or movie and expanding it to a trailer-like preview when the user is not scrolling to the next carousel title.

All these new elements, with the exception of the badge which indicates whether a series or a film is included in the Amazon Prime subscription, They are very similar to what we see on other streaming platforms. Netflix and HBO Max, for example, also include a list of the 10 most popular titles, as well as a side menu where you can access different categories. The preview in the carousel is practically identical to that offered by Apple TV+, while the icons and shapes are very similar to those we see in Disney+.

The new redesign, which was obtained after 18 months of work, as confirmed by The edgeit will start arriving first in the Prime Video app on Android and on TV devices, such as Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV or Android TV. Later the interface will be available in the web version and on iOS devices. PlayStation 3 and third-generation Apple TV (announced in 2012) are excluded. In the latter case, Amazon will keep the original interface.

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