A Warhammer DLC inspires the community to embrace developers, and that’s what I’m most looking forward to in 2022

I already said it in your analysis last February, and it is that Total War reached the end of a cycle with Warhammer 3. The latest installment in the trilogy from UK-licensed studio Games Workshop not only culminated in work begun in 2016 as a much-needed breath of fresh air with the warhammer primer; but that meant the continuation of the technical deployment, mechanic there of notions that the team has implemented in a video game in the 20-year history of the saga.

When I wrote it, I couldn’t help but think how sad I was to see the end of a sub-saga which deprived me – in the best sense of the word – of many hours of gameplay. I assumed that Mortal Empires it remained as something foreign, a madness; a massive project that we would not repeat. In fact, when I spoke with its devs, I didn’t see the slightest hint of playfulness when they decided to move on, and now we’re 1 month away from Immortal Empires coming. , a free DLC that will bring together the trilogy in one and huge map fully playable.

And yes, in case you were wondering, it is my most awaited release month. But why? We can’t stop talking about a DLC, a downloadable content that will not even arrive complete on the day of its next launch August 23. Well, let me explain, if you’re not aware, why the community is victorious in British study.

Requirements to play Immortal Empires?

Like this mortal empire, this immortal empire has a series of requirements for players who want to jump into it. Beyond having Warhammer 3 in your library, obviously, you will need to have bought The ace 2 previous deliveries. But, in addition, you must take into account the following elements:

  • The first two games do not need to be installed to run, as Immortal Empires will copy and paste assets from those installments into Warhammer 3.
  • If you are going to play in a friend’s session in online mode, only the host must have the 3 games purchasedthe rest just Warhammer 3.
  • It is not necessary to buy Warhammer and Warhammer 2 with all its DLC, only the base game.

If you don’t buy the DLC, some factions will be blocked because you don’t have that content, but it’s not a priority to pay again.

Why is there more desire for this than for a new episode?

Total War Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires

Immortal Empires world map/Image: The Creative Assembly

It is perhaps a phrase that encourages talking with extremismsbut the first step is to emphasize that the community of total war has been split, very consistently, between those who like classic strategy, focused on “realism”, and those who seek more fantasy. Now, what makes Immortal Empires special? This DLC supposes to see granted the desires, of any of the 2 types of players, of a game map much larger, encompassing whole planetalthough with very slight changes that are not very noticeable.

Other strategy games deal world conflicts, but happening, along the way, large-scale combat. They are very flashy and flashy Excel charts, but ignoring the large-scale strategy makes them almost inaccessible to much of the community. Imagine the scope and possibilities offered by such a card. We’re used to the “size war”, where companies compete to have the biggest game map or the biggest open world; and now comes The Creative Assembly to immerse us in a living world who awaits us with open arms.

Total War Warhammer 3 Immortal Empires 1

At the time, it was word of mouth and the novelty of the Mortal Empires project that ended up attracting the less frequent player to the title and it became a to have to for both groups of players. Now Immortal Empires recovers the witness and builds its bases with the same ones already used for this DLC from 5 years ago, but adds a own roadmapinteractions between factions, changes and post-launch content.

Some factions, according to the tradition of the world itself, have not even met, now is the time to see them fight

The said “elder card of the saga in its 22-year history” is not something that is said. We will have the entirety of “The Predestined Place” —name of the well-known planet—to roam free with more than 500 colonies deployed to be able to conquer; 86 legendary lords to command their legions; Yes 278 starting factions -even if it is very likely that the playable factions will be reduced to thirty while waiting for the following mods-, a number that pushes back even those closest to the saga.

immortal empires do without any story, is limited to its both single-player and cooperative story mode. The important thing here is to take advantage of an “all against all” as chaotic and varied as it is eternal. To give you an idea, in my experience a Warhammer 2 campaign could be completed in just 200 turns while meeting the conquest requirements. In Mortal Empireswith the dwarf faction, I reached the 578 rounds and he wasn’t even close to full control of the planet, nor did he want to. This is what, in a few words, this DLC makes possible for us: a story made exclusively for you, for the player enjoyment without being constrained by a small map or unnecessary objectives.

Orcs, Dwarves, Empire, Elves, even Chaos Gods. All available to devastate the planet or transform it to our standards. In fact, the game benefits a lot from roleo players, to feel part of a large-scale military campaign, with all that that implies. And, of course, how do you appreciate that more? With friends. Immortal Empires is the candy of the community looking to make pineapple, with a cooperative mode of up to 8 players scattered across the map, taking advantage of new multiplayer features in Warhammer 3 to tackle a massive campaign.

It supposes, by reducing it to the extreme, the Avengers: Endgame of the MCU seen in a video game. Marvel was crowned with this installment in 2019 where all of its characters returned for one last battle. Now all Warhammer factions are back for the same, but with no magic portals in between. Immortal Empires is the end point, although the content does not end there, but it does mean that the peak of The Creative Assembly. What started out as just one more addition – I’m referring to Mortal Empires – now seeks to be a game mode that ultimately remember like a indie game.

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