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    There is no more meteoric progression in Spanish athletics than that of Navarrese Asier Martínez, who at 22 took bingo in the 110-meter walk. His first major international medal, a world bronze medal in Eugene (Oregon, USA), no less. It is the first medal of the Spanish athletics in the championships, the same color and the same test as the last, the third place of Orlando Ortega in Doha 2019. At that time, Martínez was little more than a teenager who had just come down. for the first time by 14 seconds. The hopes of the future were deposited in others, in Enrique Llopis or Luis Salort.

    Martínez shattered the American desire to achieve a hat-trick at home (as at 100m oh in weight) in one of its most valuable tests. The United States promised them happy with the injury in the warm-up that broke the hamstrings Jamaican Olympic champion Hansle Parchmentbut after envy could Devon Allenthe American football player who, a little over a month ago, had touched the world record. Stretched by his technique from the first lap, he rushed to the start: 0.099, a thousandth less than expected. The tiny difference caused him to protest and delay the test. These are two strokes of luck for Martínez, but also a tense situation that he generated as a veteran.

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    asier martínez wins bronze at eugene 2022 world athletics championships

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    With six in the race, Martínez repeated from lane 8 the good start of blocks from the canceled race: 0.126, only after those who beat him. In the canceled start, he had done 0.120, much better than in the semi-final (0.141). The first part of the race is Zizur’s unfinished business. In the final, he collided with the first fence, but quickly recovered his technique to defeat Briton Joshua Zeller from the third hurdle.which came out on top.

    Poland’s Damian Czykier was no longer in his fight, Barbadian Shane Brathwaite collided with the fences and was even disqualified after he deemed he hadn’t attacked them. Only five have finished, but the world champion and 60m record holder. fences Grant Holloway (13.03s), who got the better of his Olympic disappointmentand also the American Trey Cunningham (13.08s) got away early taking advantage of Martínez’s accident and they were inaccessibleeven if the last meters belonged to the Navarrese, who threw everything forward to beat his mark and Spain’s under-23 record, which now stands at 13.17 seconds and is also Europe’s top mark of the year, a month before the Munich championship.

    “I still do not assimilate what happened. There is a moment, a microsecond before the race in which I recount the retirement of Parchment and the zero start of Allen, in which I visualize not a medal, but a more pleasant position for me, there I put more effort into it and I try to do the best possible race to access those slightly more difficult places. I’m very happy and grateful to those who helped me get here,” he said later, happy but serene after stepping onto the podium.

    asier martinez


    The disciple of French coach François Beoringyan, high jumper born in Chad and landed in Pamplona 20 years ago, He competed like no one else throughout the test, arriving with the 20th mark of the year for the participants but with something else on his legs, as evidenced by his 13.15s with excessive wind in favor of Nerja there their positions of honor in the Diamond League: 3rd in Birmingham, 2nd in Oslo, 7th in Paris after winning his series.

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    Since winning the strange Spanish Championship of the pandemic in 2020, Orlando Ortega absent, his ability to perform in moments of maximum tension is beyond doubt: 4th in the 60m hurdles at the Euroindoor in Torun, 6th in the Olympic final in Tokyo there again 4th in the world indoor final in Belgrade.

    Grow from the first round

    Be that as it may, few things are more certain than your positive response. In the first round, Asier Martínez took advantage of another stroke of luck, the fall of Daniel Roberts, the fourth American, another of the favorites, to win his heat in 13.37s despite a poor start. In today’s semi-final he showed incredible progress after hanging on to better his season mark of 13.26 seconds behind Cunningham.

    Yes, Enrique Llopis failed, a vintage 99 athlete, like him, who does not manage moments of tension so brilliantly. With the second best start (0.113) he got stuck from the sixth fence and shot the next three, unable to follow, and with 13.44 he reached the finish line last. “It was not a good race, the desire to be there accompanied me and broke my rhythm”, admits the Valencian.

    The Navarrese, who will win a prize of €22,000 for the medal, in his early teens, he developed a passion for hurdling, running and analyzing themand forged himself with the technical teachings of the French school despite the fact that until this winter, with the inauguration of the covered module of his city, Zizur Mayor, in his municipality they did not have a covered track in which to take refuge from the cold and the rain, so incompatible with its discipline of explosiveness and flight.

    Asier began studying political science at the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao, but his hectic athletic growth saw him switch to distance learning and have plenty of time to train.

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