Who is Quévedo? From uploading his first songs on YouTube to collaborating with Ed Sheeran or Bizarrap – Society

Quevedo is not just a Spanish singer and songwriter. It is also a young promise of urban music in our country Thanks to the quality of his verses and the content of his words. And it’s not for less, well several of his songs have been positioned among the 50 most viral songs on Spotify and the videos of their singles accumulate millions of views on YouTube. Moreover, his career looks like soon his career is going to take a giant leap forward, as he recently made a collaboration con nothing more and nothing less than Ed Sheeran, British artist who has occupied the podium of Spotify’s global statistics more than once.

The collaboration resulted in a remix of “2 stages”. However, what intrigues many people is the rise of this singer, who started recording his own songs in 2019. And that with only 30 singles arrived a signs a remix with one of the most successful artists in the world.


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