What motorcycles do Spaniards buy?


The half-year ended with growth of 9.8%. Honda maintains its leadership, but which brands and models dominate the Spaniards? We analyze the data from Anesdor, there are a few surprises.


According to data provided by Anesdoremployers in the two-wheeler sector, June ended with 2.5% growth in total sales (22,385 vehicles sold), with new traction of the scars (11,530 units, 16.4% ds) and motorcycles electric in another slight growth (3.6% and 1,632 units), but with a further contraction of conventional motorcycles (-8.3% and 7,997 units) and the moped (-20.1%, 1,728 units).

Thus, in the final calculation of the semester, 105,025 vehicles were registeredwhich means a 9.8% annual growth. These data allow the sector to meet the final objective set by Anesdor of reaching these 211,200 units by the end of 2022 -which would mean closing the year with an increase of 9.2%-, announced in January.

But not all segments have grown…

Honda PCX 125, l
Honda PCX 125, first half sales leader.

The scooters continue to pull hard…

The motorcycles as a whole ended up growing 11.5% to 91,453 units soldgrowth sustained by those of an urban nature, scooterswhich continue to pull strongly: 50,639 vehicles, i.e. 25.6% more than last year. For their part, the conventional motorcyclesmaintain this small negative trend, lose 2% and remaining at 40,814 units.

Symphony 125 by Sym, tercera en el r
Sym’s Symphony 125, third overall after being the top seller for two months.

By brands, Honda continues to dominate the sector with an iron fistwith total sales of 20,971 units, which also represents a growth of almost 22% compared to the first half of 2021. After that, Yamaha follows its wake far and wideas much as almost half, with 11,065 registered motorcycles down slightly by 8.9% in the first six months compared to last year’s data. Third on the half-year podium is Piaggio. The Italian brand sold 6.7% more in the semester up to 6,117 units. The ‘top 5’ of brands is completed by Sym (fourth) with a spectacular half-year growth of 57% in turnover thanks to the 6,002 units that have left its dealerships and BMW with 5,772 motorcycles sold (15.9% less).

Regarding the favorite models by users, Honda places its PCX 125, with 3,883 units. sold, and the SH 125i, with 3,461 units, as the best sellers of the semester. The podium completes it Symphony 125 from Sym, which after leading May and June, climbed to third place with 3,395 units sold, representing a growth of 94.8% compared to last year. The X-Max 125 (2.421 uds.) y Agility City 125, by Yamaha and Kymco, respectively, complete the ranking of the 5 ‘bestsellers’ the passage of the market equator in 2021.

The bone mopeds have lived their particular adjustment via the reduction of the rental channelsince few fleets of motorcycle sharing as in 2021. Thus, the sales contracted by 8.9% up to 7,875 units.

The Peugeot Motocycles Tweet 50 is ahead of mopeds, here is its version
The Peugeot Motocycles Tweet 50 is ahead of mopeds, this is its GT version.

Peugeot Motocycles is the one that sets the tone up to 50 cc. Despite a 15.2% drop compared to the first half of 2021, the 1,079 mopeds registered by the French brand owned by Mahindra allow it to maintain leadership with Piaggio as second favorite brand (868 units sold, 25% less) and Askoll and its electric bet third on the brand’s podium with 848 units sold thanks to its ES2 model.

This statistical “distortion” of the above Askoll ES2 (and its success especially in motorcycle sharing and floats) they appan the second place for modelswith 761 units sold, and with the MRT 50 from Rieju (753 units) completing a podium that has Tweet 50 from Peugeot Motocycles on the highestwith 786 credits enrolled in the semester.

They also live good times the rest of the vehicles in the sector: them tricycles grow a 26.5% up to 1836 units; and the light and heavy quadricyclesand 12% (1.731 units) and 7.7% (2,130 units), respectively.

One in two tricycles sold in Spain
One in two tricycles sold in Spain is a Yamaha Tricity.

Tricycles, models that are on the rise

Yamaha with Tricity 300 of those who sold more than half of all tricycles on the market: 974 Tricity 300 in these first six months out of the 1,836 registered tricycles in total (32.2% more, by the way). Piaggio is second, sharing the weight of its sales between the Mp3 400 LT and the Mp3 300 LT which total 716 units. Peugeot Motocycles closes the ranking of the ‘top 3’ brands in the segment with its 176 Metropolis registered, very far from the top and weighed down perhaps by the litigation he has with Piaggio for certain patents at European level.

… And the electric too

electric motorcycles “They achieve significantly higher market shares than larger vehicles,” according to Anesdor. in its half-yearly summary, particularly in urban areas. In the total of 2022 “electric motorcycles represent 5.7% of the total market, while mopeds already represent 36.3% of the total”, noted the employer. And it is that in this first semester the electric motorcycle has grown by 42%, reaching a share of 5.7% in the case of motorcycles and 36.3% in the case of mopeds.

The electricity market goes its own way, so to speak, in parallel. for fuel, motorcycles as a whole (not including mopeds) continue to be gasoline territory, although their growth is increasingly slow. So if in the semester it meant something more than 94% of registrations, these only increased by 9.2% compared to 2021, while those driven by electricity therefore already represent nearly 6% of the total, but with quarterly growth of 73.1%.

Es2 d'Askoll, the two wheels the
Es2 from Askoll, the best-selling electric two-wheeler.

For its part, electric mopeds are increasingly dwarfing those powered by fossil fuels. From January to June, 63.7% of registrations of the youngest in the sector were petrol, but with a drop compared to the same period last year of almost 16%, while electric vehicles, which represented 36.3% of sales, increased by 6.8%. The gap is closing.

Surprise in the best-selling electric model

Such is the thrust of electric mopeds that the best-selling model of all two-wheel drive with batteries is precisely one of them, the Askoll ES2 with 761 registered units, against the 703 units of the Silence S01 and the 454 M of Seat

What about speed bikes?

Well, as for the conventional motorcyclesthose who have gears, maintain this small negative trend, lose 2% and remaining at 40,814 units… And there are some surprises.

Z900, the hypnotist
Z900, Kawasaki’s hypnotic “Z” power, best-selling equipment model.

Kawasaki continues to hold the baton in hand with the Z900 (in 16th place in the absolute ranking with 1,232 units sold), and that’s Yamaha, which is in second place with the MT-07 (18 in the world ranking with 1,187 units. save by BMW closes the list with its R 1250 GS with 1,011 units sold.

BMW R1250GS.
BMW R1250GS.

The anomaly of this classification is repeated once more. Although the Z900 has these total sales, it does not distinguish between variants (it has one for the A2 and one complete) while BMW’s flagship model has the version Adventure which is counted separately and 692 units were registered. This model from the German, Despite a drop in sales of around 20% between the two, counting the two versions together, they will add sales of 1,703 units and lead the conventional geared motorcycle sub-segment.… And enter the absolute “top 10” of sales since, without this circumstance, the Peugeot Motocycles Tweet 125i closes it in 10th place with 1,691 units sold in the first half.

BMW R 1250 GS Adventure.
BMW R 1250 GS Adventure.

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