Watch out for Grenergy’s price of EUR 34.88! It’s like that today, Monday 18 lipiec for gold… Will you pay 18,065 euros for Red Eléctrica Corporación? Fear the 1.11 euro EUR from International Consolidated Airlines Group SA


In these moments we witness the analysis of certain stocks, giants with great profits in the market. Among the securities in question, IAG, Grenergy and REE and gold particularly hold our attention.

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No asset will exceed the value of gold!

minimum gold quotes


Maximum increase in the price of gold


Quotes from that golden moment


Gold Start Session Quotes


Gold stock chart

Gold, being the most chosen metal, one of the values ​​in which the most is always invested, will currently remain at around 1424.36 USD. However, this is not the only price that may interest us; We also hit the high, not to mention the low, at prices like $1,717.61 and $1,705.79, respectively.


Real-time chart of gold over a one-day period

How to make money with Grenergy Renovables?

Grenergy Renovables minimum quotes


Grenergy Renewables maximum price increase


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Grenergy Renovables Start Session Quotes


Grenergy Renovables Stock Chart

Let’s pay attention to the latest news from Grenergy Renovables, which indicates a trajectory of increases, which has little to do with what we have seen lately. Are good investment opportunities approaching? In this period, we encounter lower limits such as 33.38 euros, whose maximum value is reached at 34.88 dollars. Compared to the current price, the value of Grenergy Renovables is around 33.58 euros, what do you think about investing in Grenergy Renovables?


Grenergy Renewables real-time chart

Do you invest in IAG?

IAG Minimum Quotes of the Spanish Ibex 35 Index

1.0542 euros

Maximum rise in the IAG price of the Spanish Ibex 35 index

1.1436 euro

Price of this moment of the IAG​ of the Spanish Ibex 35 index


IAG Start of Session Quotes of the Spanish Ibex 35 Index


IAG stock chart from Ibex

International Consolidated Airlines Group SA, better known as International Airlines Group or simply IAG, is an Anglo-Spanish holding company resulting from the merger of Iberia LAE and British Airways, which became effective on January 24, 2011. For investing in IAG, we must remember its maximum values ​​(1.1436 euros) and the lowest prices (1.0542 euros) of the current session, today’s session that started with a level of 4.409 euros, being at that time around 1.11 euros.


Real-time chart of IAG shares of the Spanish Ibex 35 index, over a period of one day

Red Eléctrica can’t go up all the time!

Red Eléctrica minimum prices of the Spanish Ibex 35 index


Maximum rise in the price of Red Eléctrica of the Spanish Ibex 35 index


Price of this moment of Red Eléctrica of the Spanish Ibex 35 index


Price at the start of the Red Eléctrica session of the Spanish Ibex 35 index


Price chart of the Red Eléctrica company of the Spanish Ibex 35 index

Red Eléctrica is a multinational commercial group of Spanish origin that operates in the international electricity market as an operator of the electrical system. Its most important subsidiary, Red Eléctrica de España, operates in the Spanish electricity market and represents 93% of the group’s revenues. Is Red Electrica your favorite? Its moments are those of 17.9 euros right now, passing through its lowest prices and the maximum values ​​of today’s session before; of 17,805 and 18,065 euros. Let’s take into account the starting price of the session, which was close to 19.7 euros.


Real-time chart of Red Eléctrica shares of the Spanish Ibex index, in the span of a day

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