Transfers: Central defenders at the price of the golden shoe

Put a central element in your life. And if you can… sell it. The transfer market changes every year and major transfer trends change window after window. In the current day, the price of centre-backs has skyrocketed, good centre-backs. At present, a kilo of central defense guarantees is paid for at the price of gold. There are many examples of prices that may seem exorbitant and were previously paid only by “golden shoe” players.

The precursor case is that of De Ligt. The Dutchman from Juventus is set to join Bayern for around €90m. 75 in fixed and another 15 in variables which would lead the German team to make the biggest expenditure in its history, exceeding the 80 of Lucas Hernndez (2019). Not for a defense, but in general. Moreover, counting the variables, this would exceed the 87 ‘kilos’ paid by Manchester United for Maguire in 2019… and the 85.5 the ‘Vecchia Signora’ paid him when he played for Ajax.

De Ligt sets the tone for a central market. Chelsea, who lost Rdiger (Real Madrid) and Crhistensen (Barcelona) in one fell swoop, have completed the signing of Koulibaly (Naples) for 40 million and are ready to repeat the payment for another central defender. PSG is testing others like Kound (Seville), Kimpembe (PSG)… A Parisian team that is immersed in the fight for the Skriniar card. The Slovak central defender is at 50 million and PSG doubt to choose Kound. in addition Manchester United paid 64 million for Lisandro Martnez (54 fixed and 10 variable)

La Liga moves

A Spaniard enters this dance of powerhouses at diamond prices: Pau Torres. Juventus will find themselves without landmarks and with money in their pockets. The ‘Vecchia Signora’ is ready to make an effort for the Villarreal international. Yes, the yellow team does not negotiate for an amount lower than 40 ‘kilos’. And so the feast of astronomical quantities continues.

Another Spanish team that can make money with their towers is Sevilla. Diego Carlos, who left around 31 million euros in cash after signing for Aston Villa, could be joined by Kound, who has been paired with Barcelona, ​​Chelsea… So far they have paid 10 for Marcao, who arrives from Turkey, but if he sells his two starting centre-backs he can cash in around 80.

Operations already closed

Other defenders like Botman (Newcastle, 37 ‘kilos’), Aguerd (West Ham, 35), Collins (Wolverhampton, 24.3), Schlotterneck (Dortmund, 20)… They have been closed in a market that pays the centre-back at the weight of a striker. They know that having a good defense is key. Say Liverpool (Van Dijk) and Manchester City (Dias).

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