The tears of Las Leonas at the moment of the anthem of the world final against the Netherlands

* The anthem of Argentina and the emotion of Las Leonas

The opportunity to represent the national team in a world final does not come on a daily basis. With The Netherlands as the most powerful opponent who could touch to define the title, emotions arose among the albiceleste stars during the seconds leading up to the start of the encounter. As the anthem rings out Argentinaseveral of the players of the team led by Ferdinand Ferrera they could not hold back the tears and live the feeling on the surface have reached the final duel.

Augustine Gorzelana, Valentina Raposo, Victoria Garnet, Belen Succi there May Granada They are the ones who exteriorize their passion by singing while the others accompany the singing of the verses with fervor in a Tarrase Olympic Stadium full of albiceleste audience.

Once the anthem was over, it was the goalkeeper who launched a final harangue in the air to motivate her teammates in the face of the important duel they were going to have to face in a few moments. The captains of the two nations met face to face and made the protocol draw to start the final. The Dutch eliminated Belgium there Australia in the previous phases, while Argentina left in England there Germany to earn the right in the match for the star.

Argentina and the Netherlands once again lead women's field hockey (Photo: Getty)
Argentina and the Netherlands once again lead women’s field hockey (Photo: Getty)

It should be noted that Las Leonas reached the final after a tense Aussie penalty shootout. There they shone Augustine Albertario, Delfina Thome, Agostine Alonso there Rocio Sanchez Mocciawho scored in their execution after starting the definition of penalties with an error from Julieta Jankunas.

The last time they won this title was more than ten years ago, at Rosario 2010, when it still shone Lucha Aymar. Now hand in hand in order to Augustine Gorzelana in small corners – she has 7 goals and is one of the tournament’s top scorers – plus the contribution of Succi in goal and a team that has other strengths like Majo Granato there Augustine Albertariothe selected has reached the highest level of women’s hockey.

In addition to the two titles won at the 2002 (Perth, Australia) and 2010 (Rosario, Argentina) World Cups, the Argentine women’s hockey team has reached three other finals in its history: fell to the Netherlands in 1974, to Germany in 1976 and to Australia in 1994.


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