The perfect keyboard for your Mac and iPad has a limited discount

If you want to have a good keyboard, take advantage of this Logitech offer on Amazon.

The perfect keyboard for your Mac and iPad has a limited discount

If you have just bought a MacBook, an iPad or a Mac (in the latter case you will have the Magic Keyboard) you will see that you need a plus in the form of quality keyboard. Although the Magic Keyboard is a sublime keyboard, it lacks several things, including the numeric keypad. Today we found the best Mac keyboard ever, it’s from logitech and costs 135 95 euros.

It’s no other keyboard than the exclusive Logitech MX Keys Advanced for Mac, with all apple system keys. It can be used with any Apple device, especially those with macOS system, but you can also use it with iPad or iPhone if you prefer and need it. It is one of the keyboards with the best touch, autonomy and adaptable to each user. If you are looking for a keyboard for macHe is is in the top 3.

Logitech MX Keys Advanced (for Mac)

Get the best keyboard for Mac with a 29% discount

logitech keyboard for mac

Backlit keys look amazing on this Logitech keyboard

This backlit keyboard from Logitech works great on Mac or iPadOS. It weighs 810 grams and is compatible with macOS 10.15 and iPadOS 13.4 and later. It has a very cool space gray color with black keys and a concave shape that makes it easier to press. We have numeric keypad and Spanish QWERTY layout. It’s a perfect keyboard for remote workinghas everything for you to perform all tasks, both editing, web development and writing.

It is a keyboard which, with the backlight on, it can last us about 10 days continuously. The normal thing is to use it without and only activate it at night, but the most common thing is to have to recharge it once every 2 or 3 weeks, even 5 months if you don’t use the backlight. We will be able to use it while we charge it with its USB-C port and therefore it will always have a battery for when we have to use it without a cable when we travel or move with our iPad to another place. Keyboard lighting is smart, and it lights up once we approach our hands to the keys. This can be disabled from your settings, of course.

The use and feel of this keyboard is fabulous, as are the premium materials it’s built with.

You can use this keyboard with multiple devices at the same time. With its internal memory, we can copy text or url on iPad and paste it on Mac in seconds. It is enough to have previously connected the keyboard to the two devices and to quickly switch from one to the other. The keyboard will store in its own clipboard copied so you can easily paste it on the other site.

Logitech MX Keys Advanced (for Mac)

For those of us like me who miss the “Delete” key on the Mac or other official keyboards, this one from Logitech includes it, along with other very useful ones like “Keypad Lock” or some multimedia keys. we can have the keyboard connected to 3 devices at the same time. With its 3 keys you can switch from one to the other with a simple press. Of course, if we need it, it is an excellent purchase, highly recommended for this price. Even if you find some 2nd hand “like new” cheaper, much better.

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