The Lionesses could not beat the Netherlands: they lost 3-1 in the final of the Field Hockey World Cup

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The lioness they couldn’t crown their great Women’s Hockey World Cup in Terrassa, Spain: fell 3-1 to The Netherlandsin a duel where the winners shaped their hierarchy, which led them to clinch the crown for the third time in a row (and the ninth in history).

The relentless pressure from the national team, allowing some freedom in the Dutch departure, had an effect. The Netherlands were counting on the counter-attack after giving up. One of the pillars of the team led by Fernando Ferrara in the early stages of the game was mobility. However, Agustina Gorzelany was the protagonist of a providential closure before a dangerous advance in European casting; An overflow from the right seemed destined for a goal, but the defender cut off a great chance. The Albiceleste had two chances to score on two short passes, but didn’t shout.

Las Leonas could not be precise in three quarters of the field and the last champions of the highest international competition, with little, knew how to generate danger. The score of 0-0 in the first quarter was a reflection of how the match unfolded: parity on the field and the few goalscoring opportunities marked the fire of two teams invaded by nervousness.

The second period started in the worst way for the Albiceleste: the first free kick in favor of the Netherlands ended in a goal. Belén Succi fended off a complicated strike from a corner and, confirmed by VideoRef, María Verschoor opened the scoring after the rebound.

Argentina, beaten, struggled to react. Various unforced errors and inaccuracies marred the face of the team, and collective anarchy became apparent. Mistakes even gave the Europeans an unbeatable chance to pull away, but the keeper saved the team.

In any case, the Dutch attacks paid off. At 23′, the number 1 in the standings took advantage of the disconnection of Las Leonas on all lines and Frédérique Matla only had to leave the goalkeeper on the move to score the second goal. discouragement became flesh.

From then on, it was a feast for the natives of the Old Continent. The Netherlands decided to control the game by cooling the fight and forcing the Argentines to chase the ball. Another unintentional offense inside the box did not end in a shout due to a slight deflection and the fourth penalty corner was contained, again, by a stellar Succi. The start of the half was the best news for a stunned national team.

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The range changed at the start of the third quarter. Argentina added more players in the box and used power to balance forces, but individualities abounded and the team lacked ideas in the final meters. When it looked like the push had brought out another face from the cast, a one-touch play from the Dutch culminated in a pure quality goal from Felice Albers, who came face-to-face with goal and define a center..

The unfavorable score, which had already taken the form of a rockslide, further aggravated the lack of control. The national team, in this context, could have expected, but Koolen Sanne he became a short-battering giant to dampen the reaction of those trailing Ferrara.

Finally, and at the start of the last quarter, a small corner allowed the selected team to show the character necessary to trust the return. Agustina Gorzelany helped to improve the mood: the team’s top scorer, with eight goals, executed a surgical shot that hung in the corner.

The goal, which represented a chimera for Las Leonas, was fundamental for the team to pull out their claws and be able to settle on the field. The pending count in attack was still deep: passes to the nearest player slowed down the development of the game and threatened the Albiceleste’s own initiative. The clock kept ticking.

The 3-1 final did not overshadow a sublime tournament of the selected, which is still in training and with a generation of young people who promise to shine internationally. The Netherlands cemented themselves as three-time World Cup of Hockey champions and, despite being superior throughout the final, suffered several setbacks due to the intensity of the Argentines. The tears of sadness and the disappointment that the defeat in the decisive body represented was only one chapter of the promising future that awaits the Lionesses, who had won the World Cups in Perth 2002 and Rosario 2010.

Argentina’s initial formation: Belen Succi; Sofia Toccalino, Valentina Costa, Agostina Alonso, Agustina Gorzelany; Trichinetti, Victoria Sauze, Sanchez Moccia; Agustina Albertario, Maria Granatto Victoria Granatto.

*The awards ceremony voted Granatto the best player of the World Cup


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