The 26th FIB sweeps its formidable home stretch

The LYING swept yesterday in a formidable home stretch of its 26th edition which made thousands of fibers gathered in the Benicassim Festival Site. The accesses filled with participants in vehicles or on foot, collapsing the surroundings, already hinted that it would be another legendary night in a place crowded with young people who want to dance a lot.

The room vibrated with the famous indie rock and indie pop group Love of Lesbianin one of performances The most anticipated of Saturday. The Catalans were tasked with finally opening the Heineken Silver main stage, after the cancellation of Mando Diao, the Swedish indie rock and garage rock band, which was to take the stage in the afternoon, at 7:30 p.m. In a statement released by the organization via social media, the group explained that it was unable to act “due to flight cancellations and continued pressure on the travel industry”.

It would then be the turn of one of the highlights of FIB 2022 with the show of the American rapper Tyga then Justicethe French electronic music duo with strong rock & roll influences, which was to punctuate the evening until the closing with Boys Noize, on the main stage.

The public also enjoyed the concerts of Mishima, Zahara, Miss Caffeina, Elyella and The Castizos on the Cutty Sark stage. While the Madrid group of Caroline Durante brought his punk, pop and indie music to the Shein stage, where components of We are scientists, Gabriela, Richardson and Joel Corry. Partygoers gave it their all, dancing into the wee hours at other festival venues like the South Beach Club, where the music of Yahaira, Cori Matius, We are not djs and Maadraassoo.

The “fibers” once again gave it their all on an epic afternoon thanks to the performances of Mishima and Miss Caffeina. ANDREÜ ESTEBAN

festival outfit

The more festival fashion and brilli brilli did not lack outfit young women who flooded the huge concert hall with the most stylish and striking outfits. Shorts combined with tops, braids in the hair and braids in fashion to look pretty these days, but above all comfortable to withstand so many hours of festival dancing until almost dawn with sneakers . The macro event is also consolidated as meeting point for bachelor parties, birthdays… with groups who are betting on going to the event dressed in the same way.

The organization announced in a first assessment that the place will receive during these four days of macro event approximately 180,000 attendees. The audience profile this year is mainly national, from the Valencian Community, Madrid, Catalonia, Aragon, the Basque Country… a large part of the national territory, although there are also there are foreigners, about 26% of the total audience. Groups of friends predominate and many rehearse each year. For most of them, the FIB has become one of those unmissable evenings of the year. This is the case of Michael Benavidesa resident of Benicàssim who does not miss any edition, with friends like Andrea Rioli, who, although Italian living in Spain, frequently visits Benicàssim as one of his favorite destinations, along with other fellow festival stalwarts. And it is that although you can see people from many different cities for those of Benicàssim it is an unmissable summer event, a contest that they have seen evolve over time and with which they have grown.

This is also the case for some artists, who manage to realize their dream of living it from another angle, on stage, as happened on Friday at guitarricadelafuentewho ended the concert in tears, delighted to perform in his native country at one of the best festivals in the country.

The macro-event generated more than 2,300 direct and indirect jobs, while its economic impact is estimated at more than 42 million euros.

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