Super Mario 64: 10 hardest stars to get

In 1996, the video game public discovered the Super Mario franchise for the first time in 3D under the title of nintendo 64, Super Mario 64. This title marked the development of 3D platform video games, and several future Mario games were inspired by it.

Super Mario 64 It has 15 towers and a total of 120 stars. Exploring the different worlds and collecting all the stars gives players a lot of fun. However, earning a few stars requires imprecise and daunting tasks. The problem is compounded by quirky controls when trying to capture these stars, which frustrates even the most experienced players.

10 The Wall Blast Provides No Context

In the final walkthrough mission, Whomp’s Fortress, the player must be ejected from a cannon and crash into a wall containing a powerful star. If you know the star well, getting it is relatively easy. However, without prior knowledge, it is a challenge.

Virtually nothing in the game indicates where the player is supposed to explode. The star’s name, Blast Away the Wall, could refer to any brick wall on the course. Therefore, trying to figure it out is frustrating, and even more so when you find out how simple it is.

9 The Princess’ Secret Slide Contains A Secret Star

The princess’s secret slide is unlocked when the player obtains a star. To get the star, the only requirement is to slide all the way. The normal star is one of the easiest to obtain in the game, as the player does not lose any lives if it falls.

However, by completing this process, a second star can be obtained. To get it, you must complete the slide in less than 21 seconds. The poster at the start of the level only vaguely hints at this task, and even with the knowledge of the player, it’s a bit difficult to accomplish on the first try due to all the twists and turns on the slide.

8 Getting 100 coins on the Rainbow Ride comes down to one blue coin change

All 15 main dishes have an extra star to collect 100 coins. This task is arduous in all worlds, but it shines especially in the last one, Rainbow Ride.

Part of the process of collecting 100 coins in Rainbow Ride is to flip a switch to collect blue coins (each worth five normal coins) within a limited time. The player must wall jump to collect them, which is already an advanced mechanic, but if one fails to collect them all, he has no choice but to start over. There is no way to make up for the loss.

7 Lone Mushroom Explosion Requires Careful Planning

The last runaway star, Tall Tall Mountain, forces Mario to access a hidden canyon at the bottom of the level. The player must shoot a mushroom on which the star is located away from the map.

While there are other ways to get the star (like spinning through the guy on the fly), barrel access is difficult. However, the challenge is to reach the mushroom. There are no platforms surrounding it, so it’s easy to miss the mushroom and send Mario plummeting to his death, forcing the player to start the tedious process all over again.

6 The pyramid puzzle involves extreme precision

The last star of the tour, Shifting Sand Land, is called Pyramid Puzzle. The player must get to the top of the pyramid and gradually jump, earning five unique coins indicated by a distinct sound and counter.

The first three pieces are on small platforms. Its size and weird camera mechanics make it difficult to assess the jump. Due to this, the player can easily miss one of the pieces, fall down and take heavy damage, or go through a long process of returning. Although the last two pieces are easy to get, quicksand can limit Mario’s mobility to get the star.

5 The Big Penguin Race Has A Fast Penguin And A Slippery Slide

In the course’s third star, Cool Cool Mountain, Mario must race a penguin down a snowy slide. The player cannot use any hotkeys or they will be disqualified for cheating.

The penguin is legitimately fast and has a rubber band AI, meaning it will always be behind the player no matter how far away it is. He can slip past Mario at any time and ruin the player’s career. The slide also has sharp turns, which can easily knock down the player. The star is the first true awakening in the game, and the penguin is more difficult after completing the game at 100%.

4 Collecting 100 coins in Tick Tock Clock is a long journey

The penultimate walkthrough of the game, Tick Tock Clock, takes place in a clock tower gigantic. The position of the minute hand when jumping determines the speed of the clock. As in all other main dishes, the player must collect 100 coins to get a star.

Pieces are scattered throughout the level. Successfully climbing the clock tower requires mastering all the advanced techniques in the game, such as long jumps, wall jumps, and proper camera setup. Regardless of the speed of the clock, jumps are incredibly difficult to time, and one bad jump can mean a long fall that loses a life or requires a long trip back.

3 red coins there’s nothing more frustrating than Mario’s wing over the rainbow

The fourteenth secret star in the game is a tower-top level called Wing Mario Over the Rainbow. The player must travel through a series of clouds through the wing cap to collect eight red coins.

The red parts are in hard-to-reach areas and the bulky flight controls add another challenge. It’s easy for the wing cap to vanish while searching for them or incorrectly land on a cloud and fall off the stage. Luckily, even though Mario doesn’t lose a life in this level, he drops it outside the castle and forces the player to climb back up. With such a difficult level, this event is likely to happen repeatedly.

2 The cruise ship crossing the rainbow gives the player no rest

The first star of the game’s final solution, Rainbow Cruise, sets the bar high for the challenges ahead. The star forces Mario to move to get a star on board a flying ship.

The player can only access the ship through a series of magic carpets, and the path to the stars has various obstacles that require players to repeatedly jump over and off them. If you stay away from the mats for too long, they may disappear and prevent you from reaching the ship. Even after reaching the ship, the difficulty does not decrease. Unstable platforms and high winds pull Mario away from the star.

1 Stomp on the Thwomp is a star easier said than done

The fourth star in Tick Tock Clock requires Mario to acquire a star on the blue stone known as Thwomp. The task seems easy on paper, but it is more difficult in practice.

The Thwomp can be found near the top of the Clock Tower. The jumps to get there are already difficult, but the only way to get to where the Thwomp is is to move the clock hand or perform a wall jump at the right time. Both maneuvers are dangerous and each step of the walk makes players anxious as they are one step closer to getting the star.

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