Startups betting on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (IA) offers companies the power to develop projects that have a positive impact on the daily life of society.

Thus, in 2021, nearly 100,000 million dollars have been invested in AI worldwide according to the investment fund brain resume, which demonstrates its great potential and growth. This technology can be applied to sectors such as industry, retail, healthcare or the environment sector.

Analysis of satellite data

Among the startups using this technology is EarthPulsewhich aims to democratize satellite data analysis and facilitate its use in industries where its application makes a difference.

Using radars and visible and thermal cameras from earth observation satellites, they collect photos that allow multiple parameters to be measured that contribute to more complete and flexible risk management, adapted to the dynamism of each business.

Thanks to Artificial intelligencemake this collected information accessible, easy to understand and useful as a strategic management and business decision-making tool.

On the other hand, the software tool Here it is automatically generates meeting summaries. At convert speech to text of the participants’ interventions, all the information is processed by the Artificial Intelligence to create an automatic personalized summary according to the user’s indications. Thus, create summaries of each meeting without saving the conversation and transcribing only what is deemed necessary.

Artificial intelligence: key in the fight against cancer

Another of the startups that bet on this technology is KeyZella biotech startup that has developed an innovative AI system that aims to be the future of precision medicine in oncology, called KEYZELL OPS (Oncology[Ui1] precision system). It is currently only available for lung and breast cancer, but it promises to be a key tool in the fight against cancer, as it is able to recommend the most appropriate treatments to healthcare professionals, taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient and their type of cancer disease.

The tool helps oncologists make more accurate decisions by allowing personalized medicineachieve a reduction in recidivism, overmedication, length of hospitalization, treatment costs, and above all improve the quality of life of patients.

Secure data exchange

Ultimately, Barbara IoT commitment to distributed artificial intelligence to connect different industrial sensors without depending on the cloud. Its technology allows sensors that generate thousands of data per second to be securely connected to perform predictive maintenance in real time, saving significant infrastructure costs. Moreover, it facilitates the secure exchange of data through encryption and sovereignty, so that factories and maintenance service providers can avoid any risk of information leakage or other cybersecurity incidents.

These examples show how AI goes beyond the human ability to solve complex problems. For this reason, the implementation of technologies such as artificial intelligence augurs great growth and the development of solid projects in an increasingly competitive market that will undoubtedly bring great advances that will benefit the whole of the society.

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