Spain win their third European junior against Portugal

Lthe selection Spanish the male junior was crowned by third champion time Europe winning by 35-37 at Portugal in a final where Rodrigo Reones losing 32-28 with twelve minutes to play.

This disadvantage reflected the problems of the Spanish team to contain the brothers in defense Mota da Costa, especially right-back Rafael, who by the middle of the second half had already scored 11 goals. Neither the 6-0 defense raised at the start by the Spanish coach with Javi Rodriguez and Eneko Furundarena in the axis of the back, neither the following 5-1 served to control a Raphael Mota da Costa, who seemed determined to surpass the 14 goals he had already scored against Spain in the first phase.

And when the Portuguese team did not find the solution in attack in its face, that of its big brother always imposed itself. Martin, which, after a gray first part, was then thirty minutes into the second. But not even the exuberance of the goalscoring Mota da Costa brothers, who already know what it’s like to make their national team debut absoluteintimidated the Spanish team, who were unwilling to repeat the defeat (35-36) who conceded against the Portuguese during the first phase.

To do this, the team called on their hard work defensive. After trials and trials Rodrigo Reones press the key to finally stop the brothers Mota de Costa with the presence of Alex mud with Javier Rodriguez in the center of defense 6-0, as well as Jan Ears and Gorka Nieto on the coast. A quartet which little by little was drowning the attack of the Portuguese team which, without the goals of the Mota da Costa, who no longer scored, saw its advantage gradually dilute.

Defensive improvement joined by the irruption in attack of central defender Bruno Reguartwho showed that he possessed not only an electric feint and an innate ability to assist his teammates, but also a powerful launch between the lines, as he demonstrated in the closing minutes with three whips that culminated the comeback of Hispanos Junior who went from almost defeated to caress the title after taking a two-goal lead (33-35) two and a half minutes from time.

Portuguese central defender André Sousatook over from the Mota da Costa brothers in the dying minutes of the game and kept his team afloat, but a shot from Jan Earsone of the names in the tournament, put the final 35-37 with 15 seconds left.

35- Portugal: Trademarks; Teixeira (-), Francisco Mota da Costa (11, 3p), Sousa (9), Martim Mota da Costa (5), Pedro Oliveira (1) and Queiros (-) -initial team- Ferreira (ps), Cavalcanti (3 ), Viana (3), Miguel Oliveira (-), Costa (-), Gomes (1), Melo (-) and Brandao (2)

37 – Espaá: Domenech; Antonio Martínez (1p), Lodos (2), Javi Rodríguez (3), Furundarena (1), Gurri (8, 3p) and Arnau Fernández (3) -initial team- Daniel Martínez (ps), Urruzola (-), Soler (2), Mujika (3), Serrano (1), Nieto (3), Reguart (7), Parera (-) and Carlos Ivarez (3)

Marker every five minutes: 2-2, 4-6, 7-7, 11-11, 13-13, 16-15; 20-18, 25-22, 30-26, 32-30, 32-33 and 35-37.

referees: Yann Carmaux and Julien Mursch (FRA). They ruled out Brandao and Cavalcanti for Portugal for two minutes; and in Furundarena, Lodos and Gurri for Spain.

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