Sonora is born, a great audio entertainment platform in Spanish with content from dozens of famous content creators

A new door is opening for entertainment fans. Sonora was born as the first audio subscription service in Spanish. Moreover, it is characterized by the diffusion only of original works, exclusive and primeto consumer taste.

This platform brings together the best creative talent in Spanish with the intention of developing documentaries, films, series and sound programs, where new formats and narratives can be discovered.

Many content creators are already making productions in Sonora: Isabelle Coixet, Daniel Sanchez Arevalo, Grace QuerejectaJulio Medem, Julio Rojas, Cesc Gay, Dovecote pillarDavid Serrano Albert Espinosa, Mamen Mendizabal, David TruebaPaula Del Fierro, Hernan Casciari, Jon Sistiaga, Espido Freire, Martin Caparros, Sebastian Alvaro, Andres CalamaroPancho Varona, Lucas Vidal, Kiko VenenoEl Brujo, Miguel Rellán, Secun de la Rosa, Manu Marlasca, Raúl Pérez or David de Jorge.

Founders of Sonora.
Founders of Sonora.

Sonora, which was born with the aim of transforming the experience of consuming audio content, comes to market with 50 productions and more than 350 episodes. In addition, each week it will premiere two new exclusive titles.

With the radio journalist Tony Garrido as “alma mater” of the project, together with the CEO of Wink TTD Gabriel Sáenz de Buruaga, the platform was born “with the aim of transforming the experience of consuming audio content and increase the value of listeningwith original stories and high production values”

“Sonora was born with the intention of entertainment without a lead screen. The world leads us to be seated and alone in front of a screen and this project comes as an alternative to that,” says Garrido.

“Thematically, we are in all environments: since true crime even children, psychology, development, investigative reporting…” he explains, specifying what is the key to the platform: “People who have worked in radio for 30 years have discovered that our business is a matter of context And the more context you add to stories, the better they are. An important part of this great journey of learning – what we are all looking for, we are tired of wasting time – is given by the context”.

The rise of podcasts seems to be a good scenario for the birth of Sonora: “In my experience, in life, it is as bad to arrive too early as to arrive too late. I think it’s the right time, with a very demanding marketwhere we have an extension of our body, an appendage, which are the helmets, which accompany us and will always be with us.

“Radio, which is a great, current and powerful medium, fulfills one function and the audio content we offer fulfills another. It’s true that it’s a good time, a situation that makes us think that it’s is at the right time in the right place”To add.

“To date, and I also say this without blushing, I think we have the best audio platform on the planet”says the seasoned journalist firmly.

Those who want to enjoy Sonora will have to pay a subscription to 4.99 euros per month or 39.99 per year. Plus, there’s also a 14-day free trial with no commitment to stay. You can enjoy it in smart phones there tablets iOS and Android, since the Sonora app is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play.

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