Pjanic leaves concentration in Miami and returns to Europe

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Barça midfielder will travel to Nice for the birth of his second child

The intention of the Bosnian player is to join the circuit once the happy event has occurred.

Bosnian FC Barcelona midfielder Miralem Pjanic will temporarily drop the team’s focus in the United States and return to Europeprecisely in Nice, to be with his wife Josepha on the occasion of the birth of their second child.

The Balkan international is in Miami (Florida) to participate with Barça in the tour of the United States, since Xavi Hernández and the sports management decided that he had to travel with the team because he had not found destination club that could take care of his record. (about 8 million euros) the Barca coach is ready to give him another opportunity to join the first team as a replacement for Sergio Busquets in the defensive pivot.Pjanic has already played his first minutes in the first friendly against Olotand normally took part in the Blaugrana pre-season, but now Its installation is temporarily interrupted by good news: his wife Josepha, who is in Nice, will give birth to the couple’s second child. The first, Edin, was born in 2013.

Thus, Pjanic received permission from Barca to return to Europe, despite the fact that the team will play its first warm-up match against Inter Miami on Wednesday at dawn in Spain. Once the happy event occurs, the Bosnian footballer plans to join the North American tour.

For his part, Xavi Hernández is finalizing the details to be able to travel to the United States and join the North American tour. His intention is to arrive on time to be present for the opening duel against Inter Miami.

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