Omar Sánchez defends himself against Belén Esteban’s nasty comment

    When Omar Sanchez I was with Anabel Pantoja His life changed overnight, but he never imagined that his separation months later would bring him so many headaches. Even though the young businessman wanted to stay away, wanted to clarify a lot of things in an interview on ‘Saturday Deluxe’ which continues to bring a lot of queue, and The last one to send her an “arrow” was neither more nor less than one of Anabel’s best friends: Bethlehem Esteban.

    Bethlehem Esteban


    The collaborator ofSave me‘do not miss his appointment defend the tonadiller’s niecethrough social networks, and it is that since your tibia and fibula injury He could no longer get on a set. However, she is smug and has had enough with her Instagram account to defend her friend in ‘Survivors’, although his last ‘zasca’ launched him with a phone call to Telecinco, and used it, among other things, to criticize Omar: “Here the only one who made money with the separation is called Omar”, sentenced. A few words that had an immediate effect on the networks of the canary, giving silence as an answer in an ironic way, and implying that if he spoke, maybe Belén would shut up… or not?

    Omar Sánchez reacts to Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira's reunion in Survivors 2022

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    Omar’s reaction, however, is not new: used the same emojis he used to react to the effusive and romantic reunion of Yulen and Anabel in Honduras… and in the end he ended up talking about everything in his interview on ‘Deluxe’. doWill he sit down to speak and respond correctly in Bethlehem?

    omar sanchez


    The collaborator not only criticized the young man, who at another time -when he was part of Anabel’s life- was to his liking, and she used this call to defend her friend against a final that is about to fall“We’ve all made mistakes in our lives because of a romantic relationship,” he said, later criticizing those who didn’t see Yulen and Anabel’s relationship well. What’s wrong with Anabel Pantoja jerking off Yulen? Please, he didn’t kill Manolete. They are often confused. Who knows if her love affair with Yulen will not work out for her?”, she wonders before pleading the cause of her friend: “He gave 100 percent in everything. In the tests, in the camaraderie. It made me laugh, it made me cry…”.

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