No calm with Banco Sabadell… We will lose even more with Acciona! What about Caixabank increases? The value of 0.635 euros EUR from Banco Sabadell!


The Ibex 35 is heading towards the euro, but what about the companies that make it up? Today, Monday 18 lipiec 2022, we intend to analyze the companies that make up the Spanish index, Ibex, among which we recognize Caixabank, Acciona and Banco Sabadell. Do you remember the companies that make up the Spanish Ibex index? We refer to:

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PharmaMar, Naturgy, Bankinter, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Fluidra, Grupo ACS, Grifols, ArcelorMittal, Banco Sabadell, Telefónica, IAG, Amadeus IT Group, Enagás, Cellnex Telecom, Acciona, CIE Automotive, Iberdrola, BBVA, Meliá Hotels International, Repsol , CaixaBank, Viscofan Mapfre, Merlin Properties, Inmobiliaria Colonial, Almirall, Solaria Energía y Medio Ambiente, Aena, Red Eléctrica Corporación, Banco Santander, Ferrovial, Inditex, Indra Sistemas, Acerinox, Endesa,

Today we analyze the price of the Spanish Ibex 35 index in real time:

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Ibex Acciona Price

183 euros

Banco Sabadell del Ibex company price


LaCaixa Ibex Award


Table of Ibex company values

What about Caixabank increases?

Ibex LaCaixa Maximum Drop Price €2,711
Maximum price of the climb of LaCaixa in the ibex €2,763
Price of this moment of LaCaixa of the ibex €2,758
Ibex’s LaCaixa Opener Price €2,437

LaCaixa del Ibex stock chart

Caixabank, better known as LaCaixa, is a non-profit banking company based in Spain. It is another of the stocks whose prices end up being of great interest to the trader of the Spanish stock exchange. In the same way that we currently pay 2,758 euros, in its beginnings the value of the Caixabank company was 2,437 euros, being found during its history with the following prices;

Upload limit today: 2,763 euros

Lowest time of day today: 2,711 euros


Real-time chart of Caixabank company shares of the Spanish Ibex index over a period of one day

The Acciona affair is nothing more than a bluff…

Ibex Acciona Max Drop Price 181 euros
Maximum price of Acciona’s increase in the Ibex €183.1
Price of this moment of Acciona du Bouquetin 183 euros
Ibex Acciona Session Opener Price €100.4

Ibex Acciona Company Stock Chart

Value Acciona is a company of Spanish origin for the promotion and management of infrastructures and renewable energies. It is present in more than 60 countries on five continents and is part of the Spanish Ibex index. It is a company whose current prices are around 183 euros, without being able to lose sight of its opening market price of 100.4 euros. The most important points will be;

The highest increase of the day: 183.1 euros

Lowest time of day today: 181 euros


Real-time graph of the Acciona value of the Spanish index, Ibex, over a period of one day

We analyze the prices of Banco Sabadell…

Banco Sabadell’s maximum drop price from the Ibex €0.62
Maximum price increase of the Banco Sabadell company of the Ibex €0.635
Price of this moment of the Banco Sabadell company of the ibex €0.6244
Ibex Banco Sabadell Company Opening Price €0.8962

Chart of corporate values ​​of the company Banco Sabadell du Ibex

Banco Sabadell, also known as “Banco de Sabadell”, is a Spanish company founded in 1881 in Sabadell. Its core tasks are commercial, corporate, private and corporate banking, with a focus on international business. Banco Sabadell during the start of today’s session was seen at 0.8962 euros, will end at 0.6244 euros at this time. The most relevant prices today will be:

Bullish cap for the day: 0.635 euros

Lowest time of day today: 0.62 euros


Banco Sabadell real-time chart of the Spanish index, Ibex, over a 1-day period

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