NASA Solar Storm | A solar storm will hit Earth on Tuesday

This Tuesday, July 19nail solar storm could hit the Earth. This is what a predictive model of the Nasa applied by scientist Tamitha Skovwho shared on social networks the provide of that “Direct hit”. As the expert warned, this “filament shaped snake derived from Floor could cause interference in the signs of radio there GPS.

Also, the so-called ‘Space Weather Woman’ ventured to predict address there strength of the impact, taking into account the orientation of flare.

moderate strength

“Terms of G2 level (maybe G3) if the magnetic field of this storm is oriented towards on!”, warned Skov in a Tweeter in which he mentions the ladder by which to measure the strength of these phenomena, including Powerful is ordered from a Al five. Thus we would face a storm of force moderate.

Although the scientist used a model prediction of the Nasaherself admits that “the magnetic orientation of this Earth-directed solar storm is going to be hard to predict.”

Auroras and interferences

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One of effects caused by solar storms is the appearance of auroras. These phenomena are caused by interaction between the particles shot by him Floor with the molecules of atmosphere concentrated among 95 and the 750 kilometers big, where the density enough to do appreciable is light radiation.

Moreover, to flames derived from astro are added X-rays who accompany them. While it is true that normally these rays tend to to be absorbed in the first layer of the atmosphere, in case of having the enough energy distort the ionosphereto could generate interference in the dissemination of radio waves. In addition, the particles that make up this filament move towards gears between 300 there 1000 kilometers per secondwhy they can register damage in the systems communicationnetworks of electrical distribution and other equipment.

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