more than 25,000 flights canceled in August alone due to air chaos

It is not in the enriching and restorative summer that the airline sector. After the hardships suffered in 2020 and 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, which plunged the company into the worst crisis in its history, the summer season of 2022 was to be one of resurrection after the end of travel restrictions. And so it was. Demand responded to nearly equal levels before the pandemic – Aena airports picked up 82% of 2019 passengers in June. The problem is that the offer has not been prepared at many airfields and airlines around the world to witness this explosion of travel. And the result was a “airmagedon” to which the aviation sector consultant Cirium has quantified: 25,378 flights canceled in August worldwide, according to a report quoted by Europa Press. Among them, almost 60%, 15,788, only in Europe. A figure, however, which represents 2% of the total of those programmed.

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