“Legend of Cuban music and a unique human being”

Cuban artists react moved after learning the death this Sunday of the musician César Pupy Pedroso in Havanaat 75, and whom they consider a “legend of the cuban music and a unique human being”.

In Facebookthe page Formell and Los Van Van remembers the 32 years of Pedroso puppy as an irreplaceable founding member of this group: “A life that will last forever in each of the performances, arrangements and compositions that have contributed to forging the legacy not only of a legendary orchestra, but also of Cuban popular music. A goodbye that tastes forever, music that tastes like eternity”.

“There are no words, but there is his great legacy. PUPY will always continue to be great in our hearts, in that of every VANVANERO”, expressed the moving message, which also conveyed the group’s condolences. to the musician’s family.

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“Rest in peace, Brother Pupy. Our orchestra owes you a lot! Nothing we can say will come close to your immense and great work. Today Outside the van are in mourning. Cesar Pupy Pedroso, you are one of the unforgettable, irreplaceable and always necessary”, reads the profile of Facebook of the group of which Pupy Pedroso was one of the founders.

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“How sad the news of the death of teacher César Pupy Pedroso. I had the pleasure of calling him my uncle and he was like a brother to my father. My deepest condolences to his family and may he rest in peace,” he said on the aforementioned social network. profile of Adalberto Álvarez and his son.

“Pupy left us,” said the singer yeny valdesformer member of Van Van, in a post on Facebook which included several photos and a moving video.

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The artist was shown crying after hearing the news of the famous Cuban musician’s death and expressed how sad the loss was.

“I wake up to this very sad news of your physical departure, my life brother Pupy Pedroso & Los que Son, Son. There are many experiences that I will hold close to my heart… Your legacy is immense and will be defended more than ever. REST IN PEACE MY BROTHER,” he also said in Facebook Enrique Alvarezfounding director of the Cuban Popular Orchestra Latin Marching Band.

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“To Heaven goes a legend of Cuban music and a unique human being in stature. Thank you Master Pupy Pedroso for all your work and your respect. Rest in peace”, they express the condolences of the Orchestra of Aragon.

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Also the Cuban musician Paulito FG said in Facebook: “With great pain this news! We have just lost one of the greatest of our Cuban music! In glory you are brother! Your work stays with us and your legacy honors and honors us! My condolences to family and friends! To Carmen with all my love.

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The host Edith Massola he said on his account social red: « Thank you ‘Pupy’ for your music and your cubitude… For the good and unforgettable moments shared. For your teachings and your musical wisdom, the incomparable sound of ‘Tumbao’ and your jovial presence. In mourning we say goodbye to the body… Grateful for having illuminated the music of the dancer, welcome your soul”.

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The Cuban Institute of Music posted a note on Facebook on the death of the Cuban artist, in which he recalled that Pedroso was born “in the neighborhood of La Timba in Havana, studied music at the Amadeo Roldán Conservatory and joined several popular Cuban dance music groups. He has composed unforgettable pieces from our popular repertoire such as six weeks, good people, your bell no longer rings, black kitchen there Temba, tomb and timbaamong many others”.

Likewise, he pointed out that “he stood out above all for his particular style of playing the sonero piano, a mastery that earned him the status of co-founder, together with maestro Juan Formell and percussionist José Luis Quintana (Changuito) , songo rhythm, the basis of the musical label of Los Van Van”, an orchestra in which he remained for more than 30 years.

He recalled that in 2001 he founded the orchestra Pupy y los que Son Son, a group he led until his death and which was preferred by the dancing public for 20 years.

“His career has been characterized by a deep commitment to his culture and his people. Due to the originality and significance of his work, he was awarded the National Music Award in 2013. Information on his funeral honors will be offered in the coming hours. Our deepest condolences reach their family and friends,” the note concludes.

Pupy Pedroso comes from a famous family of Cuban musicians. His father, César “Nene” Pedroso, was also a pianist and played in Félix Chapotín’s ensemble. Grandfather Julio was director of the Cuban orchestra; his uncle, known as Pío Escaparate, was a güirero in Arcaño y sus Maravillas; Víctor Herrera, brother, is director of Sensación and Julio Saldívar, his other brother, plays with the Osmundo Calzado orchestra.

In his musical career, he has been part of the groups Fascinación, Sensación, Revé and the Bolero Ensemble.

César Pedroso has created more than 150 works to his credit, many of which have enjoyed great popularity and recognition.

His songs have also been recorded by artists such as Celia Cruz, Adalberto Santiago, Alfredo de la Fe (El violin charanguero) and others.

Likewise, he made dissimilar and successful tours outside Cuba, many of which were accompanied by renowned musicians such as Gonzalito Rubalcaba, Gilberto Santa Rosa, José Alberto “El canario”, Giovanni Hidalgo, Danilo Pérez and Papo Luccas, between other personalities.

The cause of his death has yet to be revealed, but multiple sources reported last May that he was hospitalized in serious condition and underwent surgery at the Cardiovascular Hospital in Havana.

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