“I identify a lot with the supporters of Real Zaragoza”

The jersey with the number 28 is already worn by the new striker of the Royal Zaragozathe young Víctor Mollejo, 21, presented at the Ciudad Deportiva at noon this Monday, before traveling to Boltaña to join the team’s pre-season. The club officially announced the signing hours before and made him the third signing of the summer. He signed a one-season loan deal with Madrid athleteafter several second teams like Tenerife, where he was already playing on loan last year, Leganés, Levante or Granada wanted him.

But the player, promoted by Atlético, chose Zaragoza, and thus explained the reasons for his decision. “Zaragoza are still a great team despite the fact that in recent seasons they have been on the verge of fighting for promotion or even on the verge of ‘play off’. They are still an appetizing team. I identify a lot to their fans and the way of living football in this city. When Zaragoza called me I needed time to disconnect because I finished the season very late and in a difficult way. But already the week last when I came back, I wanted to stay here and I hope this year we can do great things and it will be an exciting year“, underlined the striker.

“I identify a lot with their fans and the way of living football in this city”

He arrives at the age of 21, but has played almost a hundred matches in professional football and with a solid experience in Second. Zaragoza will be his fifth place as a player on loan, and he sees the exact place to break for good as a player. “In Zaragoza, I’m looking for a club that gives me confidence to show my best version. I have experience and good years in the second division, but I think the best is yet to come. I haven’t exploded yet and I hope this is the place where I can. This place, because of the conditions and everything, is perfect to be able to do that,” the new striker said.

They are soccer It is defined by caste, dedication, effort, but also arrival, hook, overflow. These are the qualities he believes he is putting to use for his new team: “Above all, energy, the desire to face the world, to have the illusion of aspiring to important things. In addition, and despite my youth, I will also bring my experience since I think it is a team with young boys and I will try to bring my experience in these scenarios. I really want to start”underlined in the press room of the Cité des Sports.

“Above all energy, the desire to eat the world, to have the enthusiasm to aspire to important things”

With Mallorca, he signed a promotion to First two years ago. The latter almost repeats it with Tenerife. Get to know the battle of the high zone and what the characteristics of these teams look like. “The main thing is to have humility and to know what we are and what we play. You have to have enthusiasm, be hungry, take care of the details and in the end be a team, that’s the important. My information is that there is a big group, from there you can aspire to big things. We have to go little by little to fight to be on top and I hope it will be a Beautiful year”.

Mollejo arrives in Zaragoza facilitated by the close relationship with Atlético, but also by the insistence of Juan Carlos Carcedowho sees in La Mancha an ideal footballer for his purposes and his attacking model. “I spoke with him a few weeks ago and he showed me his enthusiasm for him to come. I also showed him that I was very excited to come. I think he’s a coach who handles young boys very well and I really want to start working with him and improve together,” he said.

Presentation of Víctor Mollejo, new player of Real Zaragoza
Presentation of Víctor Mollejo, new player of Real Zaragoza
Francisco Jimenez

sweet bread will be number 28, he will therefore be one of the players with a subsidiary file because Zaragoza does not bear the costs of his first registration as a professional footballer in La Liga and therefore does not burden his salary cap with an unnecessary expense since Mollejo is under 23 years old.

Now Mollejo meets azon there Simeon in a high temperature front, a lot of hunger and versatility. “These are guys who showed things from below and had good seasons. We are all very hungry. All the teammates who play in the top places will bring different things and I think a good group is forming to be able to aspire to great things.”

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