“I don’t have Madrid’s medical reports, I have mine and mine says I can train”

After his myocardial infarction and his controversial dismissal from Real Madrid, the Vitoria coach called the media this Monday at 1:00 p.m. for the presentation of his basketball campus Pablo Laso Training Camp at Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid.


This is all from the presentation of the Pablo Laso Campus at the Francisco Vitoria University of Madrid


The coach clarified that the decision to leave Real Madrid came from the club, that he was in good health and his intention was to continue training. He also hinted at his bad relationship with some board members (with section director Juan Carlos Sánchez) and wanted to thank white fans for their love these days.


This is how Pablo Laso’s press conference ends, with a smile on his face and the desire to return to a bench in the future.


“I’m a basketball coach and what I want is to train. That’s what I love the most. It’s my life. Of course, I could consider other situations, like being an assistant in the NBA or outside of basketball, but right now my passion is coaching. Assistant in the NBA is also coaching. We’ll see.”


“Is all this hurting your signing for another club? I don’t know, which is worse, losing 30 games in a row or whatever happened…I think the first thing would be worse. What I would say is that I recognize him as a doctor, because he had a heart attack. Nothing more.”


“I did not speak with Florentino Pérez, but I had contact with him by telephone and he wished me good luck”


“I am proud and grateful that there are many people who have appreciated my work so well. It is something that excites me and I love that the fans are like that with me”


“On a personal level, I will tell you that I am doing very well. Summer is a time when you try to disconnect, and although I have always been aware of signings, I have tried to do so. Now I’m a little calmer because I “I don’t have a goal in sight. Training project. My family is happy, but I still have the bug”


“Do you have written medical reports to train? I don’t have a written report that tells me I can train. I don’t think that’s what’s going to get me to train. A team will sign me and give me a medical examination, I don’t need to have a paper that tells me that”


“To go home for Christmas (to go back to Real Madrid) I would first ask what’s for dinner (what would be the plan)”


“I don’t have any enemies because of the way I am, I don’t want to have any enemies. I don’t like it. I say I have friends and I’m very proud. That there are people you have to put aside in your life, it happens to everyone. It does not belong to Laso and Real Madrid. I was talking to a friend a while ago and he told me said that. And he was right. I don’t consider this person that I’m cutting out of my life to be my enemy. What he’s not is my friend.”


“After the championship, two weeks ago when I got up quite early, I was going to walk. I was trying to recover from a very demanding end to the championship and I kept in touch with Alberto Herreros regarding the operations that we wanted to do for the following season. On the Monday after the end of the championship, there is a media that publishes a report on my state of health and the head of the section tells me a few days before “


“About my relationship with Juan Carlos Sánchez, my former boss… No one gets on one hundred percent with their boss. On a basketball team, whether you like it or not, you have to look to forward and in this sense the productivity the team has been very good for Real Madrid. We have won 22 titles in eleven years”


“Do you regret not having Heurtel and Thompkins? As a coach you have to make decisions and I usually don’t regret it. To someone who says that with Heurtel we would have won the final, I would say that we would not have played the final with him. I don’t play as a fortune teller. I made these decisions with the good of the team in mind above anyone else. As I decided not to lead the matches in the final, which was the best”


“We didn’t end badly. We reached a mutual agreement. In Madrid, I have a lot of friends, who I keep. I don’t know what excites me the most in the future. What is clear is that almost all teams have a coach”


“My family finding out on TV about something happening is not the nicest thing. It’s something I didn’t like. My mum had to call my wife to ask her what happened to me. was happening and that’s why I was upset on a personal level”


“El Estrella Roja? I have a lot of respect for them as a club and I don’t know their president. I was surprised that they talked about me because I never had contact with them. When I inquired about it, I called my agent and he told me that they didn’t know anything. A few days later, the president himself denied the news. There is nothing for him. moment, but it’s good that they think of one to form “


“The national team has a great coach and a magnificent record and I wish them to continue scoring times as they have done. If I wanted to lead Spain? It’s almost a counter question that I could tell you ask. the national team is more than well covered with the technician you have”


“Going back to Madrid? It’s an easy and difficult question. There’s an announcement at Christmas that says to go home. When you consider something your home, how can you not come back? Now, if whoever makes the announcement is not at home for Christmas, nothing is happening either. Come back? I don’t know, it’s hard to answer”


“If I don’t coach Real Madrid, I don’t care who coaches him. I have a lot of respect and affection for Chus Mateo and I wish him well as a person”


“I am very proud of the reaction of the players, because they appreciate me as a coach and as a person and it is a source of pride. The person who stops me in the street and gives me that affection, transmits the same pride to me as what Doncic or Tavares”


“I’m not looking for a team to train. I want to train, yes. But this urge to train can’t stop my enthusiasm for training. I’m not going to train for training. I have to m ‘to be enthusiastic about the projects I do. This Campus excites me, for example “


“My feelings? After winning the League is that the team played very well. The team had a good season. These are my feelings. Real Madrid is the one who decides and my feelings have not matter. They decide. What I do I don’t see very consistent is that if it was good to train in the League final, which is something that I decide, that then it’s was what was said for me to leave the team, I don’t understand that”


In the statement made by Real Madrid, he said it was only for medical reasons… If we go by what the statement says, it wouldn’t be a decision made. But it’s a question for Real Madrid


When Madrid told me that they couldn’t train the team, because they said there were a lot of risks, they told me that we would see. But since I wasn’t a first-team coach, I didn’t want to have a relationship anymore.


The first priority for me is health. If tomorrow I have a match that I’m crazy to train but that I put my life in danger, the first one who would not train would be me and my wife would not let me. Also, there was one person who made it clear who Jaycee Carroll is, who said the decision had to be medical and family friendly.


The club must always be above the people


I don’t have Real Madrid’s medical reports, I have mine and mine says I can train. I would be grateful to Madrid if they could send them to me, so that I can see them. I trust my personal reports


We have terminated all relationship with the club. Mutual agreement. Because of my way of being, it was clear to me that I didn’t paint anything there because I was not a first team coach and that’s why we reached an agreement


I am a basketball coach. I was very excited and even more after the end of the season to have another great season next year. That Real Madrid does without me, I understand. Cycle? How much does a cycle cost? For me a cycle can be three months, I do not attach much importance to it. What makes me sad is that Laso won’t be able to coach Real Madrid next year


They ask him if his dismissal is a medical decision and he replies that if they were so worried about me, I would be grateful if they gave me these reports, because I am worried about my health. I’m lucky that the coaching staff that treated me was very good and I trust them. I will not explain why they did without me. This is a question for Real Madrid


“I am no longer the Madrid coach. After 11 years, I can only be grateful to the club, the board, the Madrid fans and even the rival supporters. And of course to the professionals who have worked with me, who have been both friends and colleagues. It was a privilege to have been in Madrid. And I’m grateful to have been at a club like this.”


Pablo Laso begins by taking the floor and saying that he is in good health. That he suffered a ‘heart attack’ and hopes to continue training.


Begin Paul Laso“I don’t know how you see me but I’m doing pretty well. As you know, it gave me a “heart attack” but it left me no sequelae. I have normal heart function and in fact after five or six days I was already training. I have to thank all the medical team that treated me. When we created this idea, we wanted the training camp to be at the highest level. We have a lot of international players and more and more female players. It is a success in terms of presence and we have top players at all levels.


Hello, thank you for following the press conference of the former Real Madrid coach live. Paul Laso in the ABC. After his controversial farewell to the white club, with which he won the last Endesa League, Vitoria will give his version of his departure in a few minutes.

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