Hyundai presents its “rolling laboratories”, the RN22e and the N Vision 74

The high-performance N sub-brand of hyundai unveils its vision of electrification to demonstrate the company’s commitment to future-oriented zero-emission technologies with the RN22e and the N Vision 74. These two “rolling laboratories” demonstrate the brand’s ambition to become one of the leaders of this zero-emission mobility future.

In this sense, it tests and verifies the company’s most advanced technologies for their application in future production models. The RN22e combines the best of the new Ioniq 6 with the company’s Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), while setting a new standard in high-performance electric vehicles. For its part, the N Vision 74 combines electric car technology with an advanced hydrogen fuel cell system, making it Hyundai N’s first hydrogen hybrid rolling lab. The company will explore the concept in this prototype of ” pleasure behind the wheel” in the age of electrification.

“The RN22e and N Vision 74 play a very important role in the strategic development of our entire product line, including our performance electrified vehicles,” he commented. Thomas Diagram, Executive Vice President and Head of Customer Experience at Hyundai. “The rolling labs represent the continued development of our most advanced technologies. This unique approach prepares us for the challenges of the future, because it allows us to surpass ourselves.

This story dates back to the year 2012, when Hyundai embarked on the RM project to showcase its expertise in the development of new technologies. Through this project, the company develops and connects new high-performance racing technologies with future N models. The name of the project (RM) refers to the prototype’s mid-rear-drive powertrain configuration. The fundamental difference of this design provides an ideal balance between maneuverability and agility from a low polar moment of inertia.

Since its inception, the RM series has gradually evolved to include the RM14, RM15, RM16 and RM19 models. The RM platform provides a rolling engineering lab to test performance technologies at all speeds and in all driving conditions. Through extensive testing, the RM models validate the technologies, show how their performance has increased, and improve them for application in future N models.

Two years ago, Hyundai introduced the new generation of the RM20e racing sports car. Within the RM series, the RM20e became the first high-performance battery electric vehicle. For the first time, Hyundai was able to apply the potential of zero-emission powertrains to its high-performance cars.

That’s how Hyundai N unveiled this new series of “rolling labs” put to the test to maintain the three N-pillars of high performance: maximizing its ability on the track, its sports car characteristics for everyday use and its curvaceous ‘food-eating’ qualities. The N brand will also remain faithful to its philosophy in the age of electrification. The first big step will be the launch of Hyundai Motor’s first N-branded electric model, Ioniq 5 N, which will hit the global market in 2023. More details on this first electric N will be revealed later.

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