how to customize text fonts for each book

Thanks to electronic ink, Kindle e-readers allow us to read in all circumstances, day and night. These default to fpreviously installed clientsbut we have the possibility of change and customize to our taste. We tell you how.

Customize the Font on Your Kindle

Amazon devices offer us a wide variety of customization settings to configure them according to our tastes and preferences. Among these parameters is the possibility of change font, one of the most important visualizations, since it is the biggest part of the interface, especially when we enjoy our readings. It has a selection of interesting and readable fonts How could it be otherwise, but if we want to give it an even more personal touch and add new sources, it is possible and we will tell you how to do it next.

As a rule and whatever version of Kindle we have by default, it comes with a series of fonts, these are Amazon Ember, Baskerville, Bookerly, Caecilia, Caecilia Condensed, Futura, Helvetica, OpenDyslexic or Palatino. But since Amazon released the firmware 5.9.6 users can add our custom fonts. If your Kindle is a PaperWhite 2 or higher, you can perform this procedure without issue. Although we recommend that you check it in the “Device Information”. To do this, go to all settings > device options.

Copy new fonts to kindle

Copy New Fonts to Kindle | TecnoXplora

  • To include the fonts, we have to use a computer, not only to download and unzip the fonts, but also to include them in our e-Reader.
  • Once we are clear on the fonts we want to include in our Kindle, we just have to connect Kindle to computer using the USB charging cable and follow the steps below.
  • Open your Kindle window directly from the file explorer or as an external drive.
  • Once we access its content, search for the fonts folder.
  • Now there is only copy fonts to folder and eject device securely and disconnect the Kindle from the computer.

Choice of installed fonts

Choose installed fonts | TecnoXplora

  • Once this is done, check that it has been copied, to do this go to your Kindle settings.
  • In one of your statements, tap at the top of the screen to access the menu.
  • Once displayed, press the option “Aa” to access text options.
  • From here we can change the font size and color intensity, as good as the font family which is our goal.
  • Click on the latter option to see those available. If the source we added is compatible, we will see how became one of the options.
  • Select font in question and you will see how the appearance of the text has automatically changed.

Use your custom fonts

Use your custom fonts | TecnoXplora

When choosing fonts we must take into account two very important aspects, the first and for it to work properly, we must always use fonts in OpenType (OTF) or TrueType (TTF) formats, all other formats are not supported. And on the other hand readability, there are very nice fonts, but with very poor readability because of the decorations they have and they tend to tire the eyes. Stick characters without any type of adornment are the most suitable because they promote reading.

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