Fourth millennium Iker Jiménez, after defeating covid-19: “This damn virus took over me”

Iker Jiménez recounts his experience with covid 19

The presenter had “a feeling of real beating in every molecule of the body”

The presenter of
“Fourth Millennium”,
Iker Jimenezdefeated covid-19, a disease he had not contracted until now, and wanted to send a message of calm to his followers, albeit with a clear warning, that they avoid getting infected by this variant.

The journalist, who tested positive in early July, has been ill for eleven days with “a cough, dizziness and fever and a feeling of real throbbing in every molecule of the body”. “This cursed virus, which we will know one day where it comes from, took it with me”, he explained then evaluated the “anecdotal” nature of his case compared to the others and thanked for the love and love.

Jiménez had received two vaccines against covid-19 and, according to him, his infection came at a time when his defenses were not “weak”. Even so, he feels “beaten” and is very tired, but he hopes to recover soon to play football again with his brother-in-law.

The TV show host was a ‘legend’ on set as he was the only one who had so far managed to avoid the virus, the management of which he had been highly critical of, even accusing the government of
take for “fools” citizens during the vaccination campaign.

Iker Jimenez:

“You wonder, ‘what’s going on?’ And there seems to be a tendency to “nothing happens. Hey, the AstraZeneca vaccine in particular has been such a joke, such an absolute joke, that it’s surprising, honestly, I’m telling you from the bottom of my heart, that ‘nothing is happening,’ he protested on the air.

More specifically, he was referring to the lack of credibility of the messages after assuring that it was not necessary to wear a mask, transferring that the coronavirus “could be a cold and that aerosols did not exist”.

Iker Jiménez and the pandemic

Iker Jiménez was also
accused of “traitor” for warning that the pandemic was real. The tweet that angered Holocaust deniers was the following thread: “The day before yesterday an acquaintance died of Covid. 50 years. No previous pathologies. Now they will call me an alarmist,” he posted on his social profile. “I have verified that the enigma continues to be why Sars Cov2 acts the way it does. does not cause harm, in others the severity is very high, and in some cases there is a wide range of consequences. I don’t know how to say it anymore. A little care. A little. Please please”,

Believers in the “plandemic” conspiracy began to disqualify him. He clarified: “I am not a traitor, I am not for Soros, Bildelberg or Freemasonry. But this can only be understood by those who have seen my programs and my way of being for 15 years”, presumed the host. “I have suffered threats, disqualifications, attacks in recent months. Of all kinds of political tendencies. Without a doubt, and to my great surprise, the most incisive were those in favor of the plandemic conspiracy. I have tried to listen and be attentive to the arguments but I verify that a whole series of ideas are ingrained that will not cease to be. It must be so. I am so sorry because I only intend to help.

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