FC Barcelona: ‘Lewamana’ | March

EBarcelona fans needed something like this to lift their spirits. It’s been a few years of disappointment on and off the pitch, to see how the team is not able to compete with the greats of Europe. The morale of the asses was affected and the operation Lewandowski it served to elevate it… and to send a message to European football.

“The Bara is back.” That’s precisely what the Pole said in his first words as a Barca player. After a few days of madness, he is already part of the Barça expedition based in Fort Lauderdale (Florida).

This is how Laporta received his latest signing, Robert Lewandowski

The former player Bayern Munich he fucked his companions in the middle of dinner. There, he introduced himself to the members of the Ass Squad one by one. Someone greeted him with some relief, for Gerard Piqu. He has suffered from the expertise of one of the best strikers in the world for a few years. To have him, finally, on the same side, will be a relief for the defenders of the Barcelona.

He also did not hide his joy at having finalized the signing Joan Laporta. The Catalan has enormous pressure on his swords. He knows that the movement of the levers will be interpreted as genius if all this leads to sporting results. He is also aware of what will come back to him if things go wrong. You know where it is.

the presentation

This internally. Concentration on the outside, everything related to Robert Lewandowski it was an authentic spectacle. Since it is assumed that it will be incorporated into the concentration of equipment in United States, expectation increased. Social networks, cleverly used by the club, served to generate an expectation that reached its climax when the player himself used the club’s accounts to notify his arrival. As if it were a beach watcher, Lewandowski He posted himself on a watchtower on a Florida beach to report his landing at the Barcelona concentration camp.

Barcelona players’ warm welcome to Lewandowski: ‘I want to win titles’

Like everything in this dedication, the presentation didn’t go to the first either. It was originally scheduled for 1:00 p.m. in Florida (7:00 p.m. in Spain), but it ended up being postponed. Club sources attributed it more to the Hourly what else. The player passed the required medical examination without any problem during a Miami and he is due to take part in his first training session tonight at the DRV PNK stadium, the scene of the match against Inter Miami on Wednesday morning. For the moment, there is no new date for its release.

However, everything indicates that the Pole will be able to play his first minutes as a Barca player in this game against Inter. He doesn’t come from zero, as he worked with Bayern Munich while his future was being worked out. He’s not for many minutes, but I know he would be able to make his debut.

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