FC Barcelona: Bara is already thinking about the idea of ​​​​executing the third lever

EBarcelona has significantly revitalized the market over the past week. Suddenly he signed Lewandowski, Raphinha and renewed Demb. The team begins to take shape and excites the culerada more and more with the new acquisitions. However, today the problem is still on the table because the club you cannot register your new players. None of the previous three nor Kessi, Christensen or the equally renewed Sergi Roberto.

Laporta: “If the partners approve the economic levers, we can sign and leave the UCI”

The sale of television rights, almost complete

The club is aware of this and plans to be able to register everyone at the same time and this implies the possibility of activate the third lever during this market. First you need to close the second one. Almost everything has been agreed and in the next few days it could become effective. This lever does two things. On the one hand, having the money for player signings. Nearly 100 million between Lewandowski and Raphinha.

sale of players

At the same time, it gives a greater margin to the payroll since when income increases (the levers have been counted as such and not as debts) the limit of the said mass increases. That’s to say, they have a larger space to register players. The second point is that of the sale of footballers. There are several that can be found on the exit ramp: De Jong, Memphis, Braithwaite, Neto, Mingueza… His departure would leave room in the wage bill and give more money for signings. Obviously, some more than others. Frenkie de Jong’s would be the most profitableHence the club’s great interest in him accepting the offer he has from Manchester United.

Frenkie de Jong, in a match with Barcelona.

Frenkie de Jong, in a match with Barcelona.ECE

BLM and Bara studies

And the third point is activation of the third lever. Although the second really needs to be said, since what has been done so far is the sale of part of the television rights in two installments. The Council has the authorization of the partners to activate two other operations. A percentage on BLM and another on Bara Estudios. At present, the most advanced is the second since the first, after having been very close to an agreement with an investment group, is practically at a standstill.

Romeu defending in the Assembly the need to operate levers.

Romeu defending in the Assembly the need to operate levers.ADVANCED ENGLISH

Register all players

What the club is clear is that they will not stop registering a player and if it is necessary to execute this third lever so that Xavi can have all those registered so far and some other operations that the Direction des sports has opened . They will try to hold because it means waiting for better deals, but if necessary they will execute. For the sale of television rights, they will receive some 535 million euros.

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