‘Father, there’s no more than a 3’ topples ‘Thor’ and is also the highest-grossing Spanish film of the year

A Father there is only one 3 of Santiago safe a weekend was enough for him to become in the highest-grossing Spanish film so far this year. According to the still provisional data from ComScore Movies, it would have collected during its first weekend in our theaters 2.3 million euros. A number that would be at 3 millionand almost half a million tickets sold, if we add the revenues obtained on Thursday, the day of its premiere.

Until now, the honor of being the Spanish production that had harvested the most had alcarras of Carla SimonBerlinale Golden Bear, which accumulates 2.1 million after eleven and a half weeks on the bill. Undoubtedly very meritorious considering it wasn’t exactly a commercial gamble, one of those to destroy the box office, but auteur cinema.

In addition, sources from the producer and distributor Sony pointed out that for Father there is only one 3 This is the best debut of a Spanish production since 2016, con a monster comes to see me of Juan Antonio Bayona who amassed 3.6 million in three days of exposure. If we only count income from Friday to Sunday, Superlopez it grossed 2.3 million in 2018.

Be that as it may, this third opus, again directed by and interpreted by Santiago Segura, This is the best premiere for a Spanish production since the start of the pandemic.

In 2019, the first of the films entered 1.7 million in its first weekend and ended its commercial run in theaters with a total of 13.68 million. The second started with 2.2 million in 2020, despite the restrictions on cinemas due to the health crisis, and would end with 11 million accumulated.

As for the rest of the movies. Thor. love and thunder falls, in its second weekend, to the second position in the list of the biggest receipts in Spain with 1.3 million collected and 6.6 million collected so far. Minions: the origin of the crane there Jurassic World: Dominion They are the ones who occupy the third and fourth place in the top ten of the weekend and accumulate respectively 12.3 million and 15.5 million.

Spain’s Ten Biggest Recipes (July 15-17)

“Father there is only one 3”

1 – Father there is only one 3. 2,290,183 euros and 356,834 spectators (and adding the collection for Thursday 14, 2,985,828 euros and 472,921 spectators).

2 – Thor: Love and Thunder. 1,313,561 euros (and in ten days it has accumulated 6,613,974 euros and 999,100 viewers).

3 – Minions: The origin of Crane. 1,313,461 euros (and in 17 days, 12,326,931 euros and 2,043,251 spectators).

4 – Jurassic World: Domination. 295,747 euros (and in 39 days, 15,593,352 euros and 2,426,140 viewers).

5-Elvis. 223,570 euros (and in 24 days, 2,602,459 euros and 398,227 viewers).

6 – Top Gun: Maverick. 194,104 euros (and in 53 days, 8,492,768 euros and 1,239,290 viewers).

7 – Black telephone. 142,016 euros (and in 24 days, 2,403,060 euros and 385,036 spectators).

8 – Light year. 75,659 euros (and in 31 days, 4,287,884 euros and 716,213 viewers).

9 – Between life and death. 48,924 euros and 7,219 spectators in three days.

10- Full of grace. 36,488 euros (and in 24 days, 1,141,528 euros and 192,159 viewers).

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