Everything you need to know about Gilles de la Tourette syndrome

The Madrid Association for People Affected by Tourette syndrome and associated disorders (AMPASTTA), member of We are sickHe launched ‘Point Tourette’web platform with accessible information About that weird disease in order to facilitate its knowledge and understanding by patients, relatives and professionals.

This syndrome is a disorder not very well-known which, characterized by the presence of motor and phonic ticsis usually associated with other disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Contents), the problems of dream and learning or developmental disabilities anxiety and mood.

Associated disorders which, explains Astranecenter of interest Neurological disorders collaborator of the platform, “are those who make it a trouble difficult to understand. Hence the need to create a website with information truthfulexplained in a way pleasant and accessible and which, in addition, contributes clarity and tranquility to the persons concerned and their families.

know and understand

Thus, in the section “Meeting the Tourette” you can find yourself videos from different specialists Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychology in which its characteristics are explained, the process diagnosticassociated disorders and treatments both pharmacological and psychological.

For its part, the ‘Resources’ section indicates how to access the resources social and fiscal available to data subjects, in the case of certificates of disability or incapacity for work and scholarships; two directories of hospitals and clinics with qualified professionals in the management of the syndrome and patient associations of our country; and different materials of interest are included, such as guide clinical and educational projects, to researchbooks, movies and tv channels social networks Disclosure.

Another aspect considered essential is To share the personal experiences of affected people and their families, but also of health professionals Social work, Psychology and Education. To do this, ‘Punto Tourette’ has a section for videos with which it is intended that everyone know and understand how is it to live with the syndrome. A space which, together with a blog, is open to participation of any person you want it.

For enter ‘Pointe Tourette’ Click here.

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