EA is designing a system to generate in-game content based on player behavior

MADRID, July 18 (Portaltic/EP) –

Electronic Arts (EA) has developed a system capable of detecting the behavior and habits of players in different video games to create a profile and offer in-game content generated based on these parameters.

The company has filed a patent for this tool, called Personality-Based Dynamic Content Frameworka few months ago in the world intellectual property organization -where it was published this month-, as well as in the United States Patent and Trademark Officeas discovered The computer.

This patent includes a system that “determines player personas based on game information for the user” and is responsible for generating “dynamic content or additional product recommendations” based on “player” interests.

To create this profile, the system relies on information it collects as the user plays, such as time spent in combat, density of maps explored, how often you opt for easy or complex challenges and your progress in the game.

As quoted by EA in these filings, it will be responsible for tracking this data from different games of different genres, such as first-person shooters, role-playing games or combat simulation games.

Once these details are taken care of, EA assigns each player a certain character based on six games and associate certain values ​​whose median would be 50.

“A player can be assigned a scout rank archetype with a value of 55 for a ‘Combat’ dimension, 35 for a ‘Competition’ dimension, 65 for a ‘Collector’ dimension, and 85 for a ‘Collector’ dimension. Exploration'”, details the developer in this patent.

Once this data is established, Persona Driven Dynamic Content Framework will be responsible, on the one hand, for unlocking content, which can also be earned by overcoming a series of phases and purchased. On the other hand, to generate content adapted to the needs and tastes of players.

Regarding the collection and use of personal data and information, this patent does not mention that they are used for propaganda purposes or to produce personalized advertisements.

However, from Imputer they suggest that there is an opportunity for the developer to use this dynamic system to create an advanced storytelling experience. This way, gamers could interact with video games in a more sophisticated way.

On the other hand, EA files in this patent that thanks to this system “the player’s contextual preferences can be integrated into the same character” and this can be used in different contexts of different games.

This custom content generator will also work in match and/or multiplayer games, as “in a team play context, dynamic content that will be presented to the team can be generated based on a combination or an average of the characters of the players of this team”, underlines the developer.

To maintain an optimal gaming experience, information collected by the Persona Driven Dynamic Content Framework will be updated over time and will continue to record data to improve dynamically generated content.

This way, the unlockable content and storylines that unfold in EA video games will evolve as players also change their gaming habits.

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