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Charles Darwin in his book “The Origin of Species” explained that it is not the strongest or most intelligent species that survive, but rather those that adapt to change the fastest. If we substitute cash for business, we will have a fixed image of the current environment that organizations face in all facets, but especially in communication.

The truth is that society, technology and communication in the enterprise are in a race to the bottom in order to achieve the digital transformation of business management in time. From the production process, through communication and ending with the sales processes. Buying and selling habits have changed. Therefore, people and their companies must adapt to the new needs that have arisen with digitization, an endless process that we must turn into a habit, the new digital habit.

The figure of the communication director has been asserting itself for some time as the lever of change for companies and organizations. And I include in this space the associations and entities that need to communicate anything without complexes, and which are the vast majority.

For this reason, it is necessary to renew the processes that allow the development of new modes of action and interaction with technology and only in this way can we survive in this era of transformation where the generation of opportunities comes from making the most of the changes that occur in the environment. In times of disruption, we must see any transformation as a huge advantage to change processes and improve our results.

The tangible fact of having more solvency or the best product or service does not exempt us from the risk of disappearing. It doesn’t matter if you are tall or short. Businesses and organizations need to adapt to changing behaviors in society. The only way to survive is to become a digital business, where software is fundamental to all of our processes. Measuring, measuring and measuring is the only way to know what is working and that we are on the right track.

And it is in this part of the extent that the Dircom must acquire elements that allow it to have contrasting information to establish the best strategies to build the reputation of the company.

Why is digital Darwinism fundamental in our communication?

An example of the speed of this digital transformation is Mark Zuckerberg’s particular bet, where it looks like the metaverse will inevitably be the next big digital leap we’ll take in the years to come. As we know, it is a highly interactive virtual world where we will interact through avatars and we will be able to acquire all kinds of products and hire different services.

Make new friends anywhere on the planet, create assets or organize or attend different types of events, among other things. And all this in a purely virtual environment. New metaverse communication professions will emerge for which it will be necessary to train, storytellers, event organizers or metaverse communication and marketing specialists, among others.

We are used to answering questions and communicating instantly with any part of the world. We can buy anytime, from anywhere, solve doubts about our services and products, consult other users, give opinions and many other actions. Something that forces us not to let our guard down and to integrate digital transformation into our Dircom DNA.

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