Danish geranium is the best restaurant in the world

No surprise this Monday evening in London. All rumors spoke of the Danish geranium as being the best restaurant in the world of this 2022 on the influential list “World’s Best 50”, and so it was. Last year he was second, behind Noma, also in Denmark, and now he has managed to climb the last rung to be crowned leader.

Second and third, there was news. The Noma, as the standard of these British awards, which celebrated their twenty-second edition in a former fish market in the capital, indicates, could not be repeated. This made way for his compatriot to jump and enter second place in the Peruvian center while in third place was the Enjoy Barcelonawhich thus climbs two positions this year.

what about Central It was also a widespread comment in previous days among the trade press and the many chefs around the world who gather to view the awards. The man from Lima – also an award Best Restaurant in Central America 2022– It is led by the chef couple of Virgilio Martínez and Pía León and is informed by the interest that the ’50 Best’ have shown this year for the cuisines of cultures other than Europe.

Danish chef Rasmus Kofoed celebrates Geranium’s title as the best restaurant in the world

The best Spanish restaurants

Some of the highlights of the night had a Spanish surname. And it is that two nationals have won two special prizes this year. First, Aponiente, from Cadiz Angel Leon, was chosen on most sustainable restaurant in the world. The chef has been amazing the gastronomic circuit for years with his research on the richness of the seas and his gastronomic application. Add to that, Josep Rocade Celler de Can Roca, won the Beronia Prize for Best sommelier in the world.

As for the Spanish presence among the fifty best in the world, the strong increase has been for Dabiz Muñoz and his DiverXO, dropping from 20th to 4th place. And in third place and with a rise is also the Catalan Enjoy, last year number five. For his part, the Basque Asador Etxebarrinumber three in 2021, now drops to sixth place.

A novelty was the return to the list of the Valencian Quique Dacostain position 42. And in position 21 was a classic in this list, Mugaritzof Luis Aduriz, who has lost seven places since last year when he was 14th. ElkanoInstead, he retains his 16th place finish.

From 51 to 100

In the second half of the hundred best restaurants of 2022, the Spaniards Eneko Atxa, with his Azurmendi, located on the outskirts of Bilbao, obtained the 55th place, while he was the only national to appear in this selection. In fact, the Basque chef has fallen six places this year compared to his ranking last year, where he reached 49th place and was therefore among the top 50, those who get all the attention internationally. . Last year there were four Spaniards from 51 to 100, and this year only Atxa.

A list with a lot of weight and more prizes

The ‘World 50 Best restaurants’ are chosen in the greatest secrecy based on the evaluation of over a thousand critics, chefs and experts available to the British organization since 2002, who travel the world from table to table.

The British association has also individual awards (in addition to lists by origin and best bars), such as those mentioned for Roca and León. In addition, this year the best female chef was for the Colombian Leonor Spinosa, who runs a restaurant of indigenous Caribbean cuisine in Bogotá (he was 46 in the Best of 2021, this year it drops two, up to 48), although with its particular stamp and a parallel social inclusion project . The ‘American Express One to Watch Award’ was awarded to both French Alexandre Mazzia. At the Monday 18 gala in the British capital, the ‘Gin Mare Gin Mare Art of Hospitality’ was also announced, which values ​​room service, for a very small special restaurant, warm and attentive to detail, the Atomixfrom New York.

There were more special awards: the ‘Estrella Damm Chef`s Choice Award’ at the Mexican quintonil (9), that Joan Roca delivered; the ‘Highest New Entry Award’ (access to a higher position) to Italian Uliassi (12); the ‘Villa Massa Highest Climber Award’, for the German Chic hard and dirty (17); that of ‘Best restaurant in Asia’, to that of Tokyo The (20) and the ‘Best restaurant in Africa’ at the local FunenCape Town (37).

In addition to this, the organization revealed a few days ago which young chefs it considers the most promising, included in the section ’50 Next’, which celebrated its second edition this year, the first face to face after the pandemic and in Bilbao, just that. Then came the names of Spaniards Javier Rivero and Zineb Hattab, Pol Contreras and Eneko Axpe.

As for the leaders of the list, a few years ago it was decided that they could not repeat it and therefore they now integrate another list, ‘The Best of the Best’, to leave these ’50 Best ‘ to the novices.

Here is the full list:

1. Geranium. Dinamarca

2. Center. Peru

3. Enjoy. Spain

4. Divergence. Spain

5. Pujol. Mexico

6. Asador Etxebarri. Spain

7. The pig house. Brazil

8. Lido 84. Italy

9. Jorge Vallejo, Quintoril. Mexico

10. The Grille. Italy

11. Maido. Peru

12. Ulasses. Senegal

13. Steirereck. Austria

14. Don Julio. Argentina

15. Real. Italy

16. Elkano. Spain

17. Nobelhart & Dirty. Germany

18. Alchemist. Denmark

19. Piazza Duomo. Italy

20. Give. Japan

21. Mugaritz. Spain

22. Septimius. France

23. The Jeanne. Belgium

24. The President. hong kong

25. Frantzen. Sweden

26. Restaurant Tim Raue. Germany

27. Cleve Court. Belgium

28. The Clarence. France

29. St. Hubert Italy

30. Anthology. Japan

31. Arpeggio. France

32. Climb. Peru

33. Atomic. New York City

34. Frank actions. Slovenia

35. The Clove Club. England

36. Odette. Singapore

37. Fyn. Cape Town, South Africa

38. Jordan. Denmark

39. Dorn. Thailand

40. Schauenstein Castle. Sweden

41. The Peak. Japan

42.Quique Dacosta. Spain

43. Borago. Chili

44. The Bernardine. New York

45. Narisawa. Japan

46. ​​Belcanto. Portugal

47. Otec. Brazil

48. Leo. Colombia

49. Ikoyi. England

50. Single thread. California

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