Cuban musician César Pupy Pedroso died in Havana

the cuban musician Caesar Puppy Peter He died this Sunday in Havana at the age of 75, according to institutions and sources close to the artist.

“From UNEAC we join the pain caused by the death of César Pedroso, Pupy. Pianist, arranger and composer. Member of our organization, founder of the group Los Van Van, with Juan Formell, author of numerous dance hits such as: Its good, sugar disk, The fruit, Temba, tomb, timba there black kitchen. To family and friends, our condolences,” he said in Facebook the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba.

The music recording and publishing company, EGREM, also announced via social networks the sad news of the death of the director of the orchestra Pupy y Los que Son Son.

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“Today, Cuban music is in mourning. One of Cuba’s greatest, Cesar Pupy Pedroso, says goodbye. With a long career as a pianist, arranger and composer, first with the Van Van and later with his famous orchestra, Pupy y los que Son Son. EGREM says goodbye to a friend, a man who never forgot to be faithful to his commitment as an artist. We deeply regret his departure and we embrace his family and admirers,” the Cuban record label said on Sunday.

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The causes of his death were not specified, but in May the musician was hospitalized in serious condition and underwent surgery at the Cardiovascular Hospital in Havana, according to several sources close to the family at the time. .

Also on the official portal Cubadebate the death of the Cuban artist was announced, after having confirmed it with the Cuban Institute of Music.

Pupy Pedroso comes from a famous family of Cuban musicians. His father, César “Nene” Pedroso, was also a pianist and played in Félix Chapotín’s ensemble. Grandfather Julio was director of the Cuban orchestra; his uncle, known as Pío Escaparate, was a güirero in Arcaño y sus Maravillas; Víctor Herrera, brother, is director of Sensación, and Julio Saldívar, his other brother, plays with the Osmundo Calzado orchestra.

In his musical career, he has also been part of the groups Fascinación, Sensación, Revé and the Conjunto Bolero.

In In 1969, he founded, with Juan Formell, Los Van Van, a group with which he remained until 2001.the year he stepped out to lead his orchestra Pupy y Los que Son, Son, with which he set out to establish his own timbre and break the mould, with fresh lyrics and no ignore traditional bran and salsa rhythms.

He is considered a creator of a unique and vigorous sound within our current music, with a personal treatment of very modern tumbaos and orchestrations which paved the way for the new style of Timba.

César Pedroso has more than 150 works created, many of which have enjoyed great popularity and recognition.

His songs have also been recorded by artists such as Celia Cruz, Adalberto Santiago, Alfredo de la Fe (El violin charanguero) and others.

Likewise, he made dissimilar and successful tours outside the island, many of which were accompanied by renowned musicians such as Gonzalito Rubalcaba, Gilberto Santa Rosa, José Alberto “El canario”, Giovanni Hidalgo, Danilo Pérez and Papo Luccas , among other personalities.

After learning of his passing on Sunday, many artists offered their condolences to the family and expressed their sadness for the loss.

“Rest in peace, Brother Pupy. Our orchestra owes you a lot! Nothing we can say will come close to your immense and great work. Today Outside the van they are in mourning Cesar “Pupy” Pedroso, you are one of the unforgettable, irreplaceable and always needed”, reads the profile of Facebook of the group of which Pupy Pedroso was one of the founders.

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“To Heaven goes a legend of Cuban music and a unique human being in stature. Thank you Master Pupy Pedroso for all your work and your respect. Rest in peace,” expresses his condolences to Facebook of Orchestra of Aragon.

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Also the Cuban musician Paulito FG said in Facebook that “with great sorrow this news! We have just lost one of the greatest of our Cuban music! In glory you are brother! Your work stays with us and your legacy honors and honors us! My condolences to family and friends! To Carmen with all my love.

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“I wake up with this very sad news of your physical departure my Brother of life Pupy Pedroso and those who are. There are many experiences that I will hold close to my heart… Your legacy is immense and will be defended more than ever. REST IN PEACE MY BROTHER,” he said in Facebook Enrique Alvarezfounding director of the popular Cuban orchestra Charanga Latina.

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