Cristiano Ronaldo, at Atlético de Madrid: a feasible or impossible operation? – Soccer

Atlético de Madrid have left Luis Suárez and there’s a lot of talk this pre-season that there isn’t a lot of money available for signings. Yet in recent hours, one name has appeared in some of the world’s leading headlines: Cristiano Ronaldo.

The mutual admiration that ‘Cholo’ Simeone and the Portuguese footballer have for each other has long been known: “For me, he is a special trainer. He is a coach who gives a lot to football, and who has a lot of “balls”, and I like people like that“, said Ronaldo recently about Simeone, in the documentary that Amazon recently released the Argentine coach.

The reasons for optimism

There are reasons to excite those who think that signing Cristiano Ronaldo from Atlético de Madrid is doable.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo has always been to Simeone’s liking, and Simeone also likes Cristiano Ronaldo.


Simeone thanks the fans during the moment of silence for his father Carlos.AT M

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